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Energy Flow

Energy flow on Earth is determined to some extent by the energy flowing through the universe because our planetary energy system is connected to it. We are governed by the law of cause and effect – what you do affects me and what I do affects you. This is different to karma where it is the individual whose future is affected by his/her own actions today. Although the effects of each other’s actions maybe subtle, just as ripples in a pond are sent from a central point and travel outward when a stone is dropped into the water, our actions when dropped into the universe creates the same results and its ripples are felt. To gain a greater understanding all you have to do is realise that everything is made up of energies, all ranging in vibrations and frequencies. The space where we stand is shared with those in other realms and dimensions because we are part of a multi-dimensional energy system connecting us to all of creation. Our body is in fact one massive energy system also consisting of many dimensions. 

While many people believe what’s happening in another part of the world will not affect them and are likely not to be concerned, we must all realise that this is not a concept to adopt if we are to restore the equilibrium of our planet needed at this time. Energy is continuous and therefore our thoughts and actions ripple out around us. If our thoughts and actions are kind then positive energies will be sent out whereas unkindness in any form will create negative energies, and these are all sent out into the universe, attracting the same energies and as they gather momentum the power behind them becomes colossal, and whether positive or negative these energies can be used anywhere in the universe to a lesser or greater degree.

As humans we are unable to foresee the consequences of our actions, unlike the many higher beings that exist in other realms and dimensions, planets and universes that are now coming forward to help individuals by sharing information and giving guidance as they have acknowledged that an acceleration of our spiritual growth is needed to raise our collective consciousness. More and more people are becoming receptive to the messages being delivered by an array of beings as Mother Earth prepares for a transitional shift to a higher dimension, and this is causing a spiritual revolution as vast numbers of us are able to tune into the energy frequencies of those who want to assist us. For many who experience this it can often feel that you are straddling two planes – the physical and the spiritual. This is because the transitional process has started and the metaphysical body or rather its energy, is being prepared to live in a higher vibrational state. These are unprecedented times; until recently it would have taken many years for a human to be spiritually fit to undertake much of what is being asked of individuals today but the universe is putting out extra energies to enable this transition; however these are also causing unrest amongst those who do not want to work for the higher good of mankind or the planet. It is human nature to detest those who want to cause us harm but hatred manifests into powerful negative energies which then create even more havoc and a vicious cycle is created, fuelled mainly by fear. When you remove the fuel the machine stops working so does it not stand to reason that without fear peace might stand a chance?

 Tune into the universal energies and dance to the rhythm of Mother Earth’s gentle heartbeat.


Circle of Life

Our lives here are not merely to exist on this planet, but to contribute to the awareness needed to spiritually sustain us – not only as individuals but as a collective – so we may all come together and work in unity for the good of the planet and all who dwell here.

To be able to understand this concept we must realise that this is not a new phenomenon but one which was put in place at the start of creation so we might enjoy fully our time here on Earth.

You must not be fooled into thinking your life is a waste of time because at different stages throughout each of our experiences there is always a deeper meaning, but in order to find it there is usually much clutter to clear away from our minds first! It is this clutter which forces us to surrender our own beliefs because the veil shrouding them from our true self remains firmly in place until such a time in our lives when we have no option but to remove it. And as we do so, the mysteries of life are revealed to us, adding clarity to what we already know as being true in the spiritual sense. It is when we reach this point that we are able to understand our soul’s requirements and fulfil our purpose here on Earth and this is what’s referred to as a ‘calling’ or an ‘awakening.’ To work at soul level as many now do, or are preparing to do, presents responsibilities which cannot be avoided including a greater feeling of accountability for one’s self and the life we have been given, prompted by a change in thought patterns and beliefs. This leads to a desire in transforming our lives at all levels in varying degrees depending on our tasks ahead, as agreed with our soul before incarnating into this life. To understand this we must also realise we are all connected and therefore what affects you, affects me, and ultimately the universe. It is only when we understand why this is so that we can start to unravel the mysteries surrounding creation and life itself; We are all connected by a multi-dimensional grid of energies just as our bodies are made up of a deep matrix of energies which are also multi-dimensional. It is within these that our body elemental and chakras reside in different dimensions. We are in fact, as individuals, a colossal bundle of energy, connecting also to the energy system of Mother Earth and way beyond our planet, out into the universe. Without the precise structure of these energies our planet or ourselves and would simply not exist.

In our own family we are bound together not by ties but by energies, formed during our lifetime to create a network of energies within our group. These are both purposeful and essential to ensure a pattern of energies is built in such a way which allows the formation of new energy structures. With each new addition to the family new strands of energy connect to the existing ones. As they do so, the family grid expands and it is this expansion which subsequently forms the particular sequence of energies needed to connect the family group during their time on this physical plane, while maintaining the energy network essential to allow each member to remain connected in non-physical ways i.e. emotionally and spiritually. It is these energy connections which form the circle of life because when we depart this Earth the unique energy strands we have created and weaved in the family grid remain and a link to our descendants is formed, however many years it is before they are born – even though our energy strands stop forming they remain part of the weave to maintain strength to the grid. The weave is formed from seven cords of energy with each one representing a main chakra – crown, third eye (brow), throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and base (root). Depending on the amount of energies one brings into this life depends on the strength of the family grid. Some of us bring old and quite heavy energies into the world, while others bring new and lighter energies, predetermined by our soul origin, soul age, and also lives lived; both how and where especially with regards to illnesses/diseases suffered in previous lifetimes.

Due to the nature of our lives here on Earth there are many factors which influence our energy systems therefore it might take years and years and several generations before the circle is strong, but when it becomes so it is then that the energy grid interlocks and a complete circle is formed. Rather like a jigsaw when the last piece is in position, the puzzle is complete and locked together with no gaps.  When this happens the family energy grid connects wholly with the energy of creation, allowing a vital flow of the positive and non-destructive energies to contribute to the collective, ensuring not only the survival of the family for generations ahead but also that of civilisation.

The importance of these energetic strands should be studied and emphasised to encompass the answers to all manner of conundrums regarding creation which mankind has been seeking since the dawn of time.

Understanding our own unique energy system is essential if we are to gain insights into the manifestation of our personal spirituality.


Spirituality versus Science

As you progress along your spiritual path there will be times when you have to test the water when it comes to talking about spirituality. I recently did this with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. Unfortunately I misjudged the temperature! I managed to avoid what could have been an uncomfortable situation for both of us by quickly changing the subject but the brief initial exchange of opinion left me wondering if there are still some people who believe spirituality is totally make believe and when it comes to spirituality versus science, the latter will win.

Science has always been called in to question the existence of spirituality, and equally the debate regarding the science behind it in order to prove the certainty of all matters pertaining to spirituality whether in the context of the Divine, angels, the after-life or aspects of healing such as Reiki, will continue to rage on for many years to come I’m sure. We all know science is used to prove the existence of everything, and without proof we are unable to present a water-tight argument as to whether something is real or not. As a result, light workers struggle at times to explain the wonders of our own discoveries as we attempt to share our knowledge which is based on experience rather than belief, afraid that without the scientific proof many people will remain unconvinced by the whole concept, including the importance of their own spirituality at this time.

So how do we prove spirituality exists? The simple answer is that we can’t. It’s only when we experience some form of spirituality that we truly know. And that’s the point; as your spiritual awareness grows you will develop a ‘knowing.’ This knowing encompasses all to do with creation and Mother Earth. Ideas you imagined as possibilities relating to these suddenly become a realisation as we gain an insight and an understanding, neither of which is based on scientific evidence but yet we know it to be true and real.

Therefore it makes sense that guiding others to the Light through our thoughts and actions is so important. This can be done in such subtle ways and from experience I have found that quietly setting an example, and talking about my awareness only when appropriate is far more effective than randomly discussing my experiences. Sometimes offering a little bit of information when prompted creates more interest than going off on a tangent.

I have developed the knack of judging who might be interested in learning more and also when to keep quiet. Moreover I have been surprised by friends and acquaintances discussing their experiences with me completely out of the blue, and discovering each one of us has been given a different but equally important role to play.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique and although we are all treading different paths, our destinations remain the same.


Meet your Higher Self

Meeting your Higher Self is an essential step to take if your desire is to continue along your spiritual path to enlightenment. Since I connected to my Higher Self much information has been revealed, accelerating my journey and adding clarity to my intentions. The shift in my consciousness has brought about new experiences associated with the tasks presented to me along the way. At times I despaired and even doubted my guides when told it was all for my higher good. I realise now that everything I experienced was necessary to enable my spiritual growth at soul level. It was as if my Higher Self had an enormous puzzle to complete and with each experience/task it was able to add another piece towards completion – My soul being the puzzle. Personally, connecting to my Higher Self was the key to my spiritual awakening.

Before I explain how to meet your Higher Self I need to tell you why this is important for the planet as a whole. Earth is unique. There is no other place in the universe where we can gather the experiences and knowledge needed to take with us to our next incarnation which might not necessarily be on Earth. Our planet was created to be a place of learning and healing where only love and light existed as intended by God. At this time Mother Earth needs to ascend, to restore her and to regain the purpose that Earth was created for. The human race needs to learn how to sustain itself before it destroys the planet and consequently mankind. By connecting to your Higher Self you will be playing an enormous part in ensuring our continued existence.

To put it simply……Connecting to your Higher Self ignites the Divine Spark also contained in the quartz crystal bundle above your crown, and re-establishes your connection with God, the source of Divine light. As the spark ignites you will be connected to a vast illuminated quartz crystal grid. The brighter the grid becomes, the less darkness there will be in the world and as our vibrations rise we transcend to the fifth dimension, aiding the ascension of Mother Earth. By connecting to your Higher Self you will not only have access to the information you require but you will receive the guidance to help you connect and work with beings from other realms and dimensions to create the ‘oneness’ which is essential for the sustainability of mankind. There are many who are eager to teach and assist us – from those in the Hollow Earth to elementals/nature spirits, angels and the creators.

The best way to meet your Higher Self is in a meditation while you’re in a high state of consciousness which is necessary to tune into the frequency of its energy. This might take some practice but please persevere. Meditation is about freeing your mind from clutter and being relaxed. There is much written about this and how to achieve various states of consciousness and I advise you to discover your own techniques. During several meditations to meet my Higher Self I imagined treading various paths in an array of settings as advised by assorted authors but it wasn’t until I listened to a guided meditation CD that I eventually managed to meet my Higher Self. During this particular CD I had to envisage my chakras and I found my Higher Self waiting for me as my image in my third eye chakra. (Third eye chakra also known as brow chakra, is situated in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes).

Your Higher Self does not have a gender. You might see your Higher Self as your image or imagine it to be someone or something else. Bear in mind it’s important to be aware of its energy when you connect. It’s also quite important to let go of your ego to ensure the answers to your questions are not based around the ‘self’ and are for your higher good. You might find that you need to meet your Higher Self on more than one occasion before you feel comfortable about the questions you ask or convinced about the answers you receive. There will be many times during your spiritual journey when you doubt your sanity and wonder ‘if it’s all in your mind.’ Rest assured that as your spirituality develops you will learn to trust your intuition. Remember that your Higher Self will always work with you for your highest good. During the process of meeting your Higher Self allow yourself to day-dream. Keep letting your thoughts flow, no matter how random and you will find yourself moving into another space, a higher consciousness. As with all meditation a good indication you’ve managed to achieve this is if you experience a floating, detached feeling as you come out of the meditation. This should be short lived but if after a few minutes you still feel elsewhere and not back in the room I advise you to sit quietly and send a request out into the ether to help you return if necessary, otherwise you will end up feeling physically and mentally drained for the rest of the day. Grounding is important. Imagine you have roots from the soles of your feet down to the centre of the Earth before you start the meditation.

It’s advisable to keep some sort of journal to record  at some point any information or guidance you receive. A dream diary is a good idea too but ensure you keep to one source regarding interpretations as they can differ. I say this with the experience of having to interpret the meanings of my dreams with the book my guide knows I’ll use to do so.

I can’t remember what I asked my Higher Self initially but it must have been quite profound because over a course of a few weeks I started to gain a great deal of intuition and inspiration from beings including higher beings and elementals in other realms relating to creation and the universe. I can describe it as a veil being lifted, clearing my vision and giving me a new sight but oddly enough one which seemed more familiar as subconscious memories surfaced from many lifetimes ago where I’d previously lived in a state of oneness. It felt as if I’d been allowed access to my soul and all its secrets.

I can easily return to my third eye chakra and meet my Higher Self whenever I want but most of the information seems to be fed to me as and when I need it. My guide who I’ve met since connecting to my Higher Self will meet ‘me’ here for a chat or to give ‘me’ healing. ‘Me’ is referring to my Higher Self. This method enables my consciousness to join him in the fifth dimension and therefore our connection is stronger. Over time my spiritual abilities have improved and I feel assured that when I am unable to ‘hear’ him I will eventually receive his guidance and intuition when I require it. Very often during a meditation my guide will take ‘me’ elsewhere. Sometimes I don’t recognise the location until I visit it on the physical plane. For example during a journey to a holiday destination I meditated and met my guide in a meadow of buttercups and wild flowers which I discovered as I walked to my hotel once I’d physically arrived. You might also find as I do, that this space which has been created for you to meet and talk to your Higher Self becomes a meeting point for other beings or guides who have something to tell you.

Once you connect to your Higher Self you are truly on your way to enlightenment. Your knowledge and help will be required somewhere along the way so be prepared to be given a certain amount of responsibility. You will however, receive the guidance needed to help you with this. For example, my guide told me to set up this website, guided me through the process and even told me what to call it. You might also feel prompted to make changes to your lifestyle and diet, read certain literature or visit various places.

Listen to your intuition and be guided by it. Trust that at some point along your journey all will become clear.

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Spiritualism is not Spirituality

Following a recent conversation with a close friend my attention was drawn to the fact that spirituality and spiritualism are often seen as being one belief. The waters have become muddied due to various concepts coming to the forefront, especially as the popularity of spiritualism is growing and is often sensationalised by the media including TV, magazines and films which is why it’s important you realise that spiritualism is not spirituality.

The definition of spiritualism is accurately summed up in the Oxford dictionary as being a system of belief or religious practice based on supposed communication with the spirits of the dead, especially through mediums.

On the other hand it’s far more difficult to find just one definition for spirituality. Not only because it’s a vast subject but we are individually experiencing various and unique ‘happenings’ according to our soul’s requirements. We have to live out what we learn in order to develop our spirituality and ultimately achieve enlightenment. Therefore so much is written about it because each of us has a different take on spirituality.

My very brief personal summary of spirituality based on my inspirations, also reflected in my experience, is that it is an on going process which has manifested more often than not from a profound spiritual awakening which has been necessary to realise our soul’s purpose here on Earth at this time, and to facilitate our understanding of how to serve our time here for the higher good of our self and mankind, and to live in ‘oneness’ with all other beings as intended by connecting with the divine force which flows throughout the universe and is unrelated to any religious beliefs or systems.

Yes, it is quite possible that when you have an ‘awakening’ you will discover you can connect to spirits, or spirits may decide to make contact and ask you to pass on messages to those they left behind, as your senses develop and your third eye opens. You are perfectly entitled to tell spirits you do not want them contacting you! (Your third eye is one of the seven main chakras, situated in the centre of your forehead between the eyes, providing perception beyond ordinary sight known as sixth sense).

This brings me to quite a crucial fact about spirits – some are malevolent as opposed to benign so be very careful when dealing with spirits. If you find they are actually presenting themselves to you as a presence or form then please seek professional help to move them on as more often than not they haven’t been able to pass over to the Light and need to do so.

It is vital we move into the light after death because the healing which is required at soul level will eventually enable us to continue with our journey, and we also need to meet up with loved ones who are waiting for us.

Very often if the death has been sudden or particularly traumatic the body becomes stuck on the Earthly plane. This is why ghost hunts are cruel. Spirits should not be stalked and goaded for sake of entertainment but need to be taken to the Light with love and reassurance at all times. Also, if your house is haunted please don’t view the spirit as a pet and respect the fact he/she needs to be moved on.

There are professional dowsers who can help with all aspects of removing spirits, attached or otherwise, and also other individuals who safely carry out various spirit rescue procedures.

The other important fact as to why you must move spirits on and a good reason you shouldn’t participate in a ghost hunt, is because if you have any auric imperfections spirits will attach to you and feed off your energy. This can be extremely detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being because lowered spiritual vibration will cause illness.  A professional dowser will measure this using the Bovis scale. For example a scale measuring 7,500 – 8,500 represents good health. When I had three malevolent female spirits attached my Bovis scale measured 2000. When they were removed it returned to normal parameters.

There really are such things as demons too and they can also attach to you. They are extremely powerful and contrary to myths exorcisms, throwing holy water at them, chanting or saying prayers will not remove them. The only way demons can be removed safely is by professionals as mentioned above. A good reason not to dabble in the occult or any other aspects of the dark arts, including spells and magic, is because you will attract demons and possibly other malevolent beings.

Finally, when I first started my spiritual awakening very odd things happened to me including having several spirits attached to me on more than one occasion. I was told by my guide that it was something I had to experience and thankfully, this particular period of learning was short lived, but as I said previously, everyone’s experiences differ. Just remember though that a lot of what we experience in our lifetime we have agreed to when we were in the inter-life (between lifetimes in spirit) because our soul requires the lessons.

Each step on your journey marks a lesson learnt and the way will become clearer as with each step you will have gained knowledge to take you further towards your destination, towards the light.


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Your Connections with Angels and Guides

When you feel a connection with an angel or spirit guide expect to experience a warm sensation of pure love around you and possibly within. One that makes you feel safe and at peace.  You might not notice straight away if you’ve either connected or are in the presence of angels/guides or it could take more than one attempt but over time you will recognise the sensations you experience at each attempt, as a connection. Talk to them; tell them what’s in your heart and on your mind without the ego or ‘self’. Be mindful too that trust has to work both ways and your space is just as sacred as theirs.

While you continue to create a space for angels/guides to encourage them into your life, you will notice gradual changes in yourself which indicate you are receiving guidance to help you along the way and to progress your spirituality. These changes will benefit both you and angels and guides and creates a cycle – the more guidance you receive, the more you are encouraged to connect with them, and the more you do this, the more encouragement you will receive. You might find you have a need to regularly de-clutter your house and wardrobe ad even change your lifestyle and diet.  You will start to enjoy your own company more and the desire to be needed by family and friends will lessen. You will see life from a new perspective as the material world becomes less important you will understand the order of things above and below. Your intuition (gut feeling) is heightened. You could experience a desire to be creative. You worry less and you’re able to put aside disagreements or problems with family/friends like ‘water off a duck’s back.’ I completely went off red meat last year and stopped eating it. I have recently stopped eating chicken. (All meat contains the energy of the animal during its lifetime including its fear at time of slaughter. It’s a dense energy which is absorbed into our body when we eat the meat).

As I mentioned yesterday it’s important to keep your vibrations high. This is because as your energy becomes lighter it’s easier for angels/guides to tune into your frequency and connect. It’s worth remembering too that if you’re having trouble connecting then try raising your vibrations. My connections have improved significantly because I’ve heeded the advice of my guide and my body elemental relating to diet and lifestyle. You will probably discover the ability to ‘channel’ thoughts from angels/guides. These can be quite random and happen anywhere! I would strongly advise you to write them down as soon as possible before you forget them as they come and go quite quickly – a good indication of ‘channelling.’ You will find that angels/guides find ways to get your attention. You will just know when it’s right because this is an instinct you will develop or you can suggest ways yourself to them. I experience a fluttering sensation on my eye lashes when my guide connects but more amazingly, angels and guides communicate with me through songs and it would seem this is quite common now. By listening to the words you will know what they are trying to tell you.

As you develop your intuition you will start to feel a sense of oneness with the world and will eventually be able to dance to its rhythm as you gather insights and inspirations, allowing you to experience a knowing of all that is meant to be. You will understand the synchronicity of everything you’ve ever experienced in this life and appreciate the meaning of the saying ‘for the higher good.’ There will be times though when you doubt your abilities and also question your own sanity! I often have to check myself when I’m out and about as I realise I’m talking out loud to my spirit guide. Also, it’s quite normal in the early days to want to step away from it all for a while. I remember feeling quite disillusioned at one point when I seemed to be lacking progress and could make no sense of it all so I decided to take a couple of months away from all that was spiritual in an attempt to test everything, to prove if it was true or not I suppose. This actually did me the power of good because looking back I was suffering from information overload and disillusionment was borne out of confusion and once my mind had processed all the information I’d taken in I was able to embrace the subject on a higher level. It was as if a metamorphosis had to occur during a period of quiet before my true spiritual self could emerge. I was reminded of this recently when I visited a butterfly house and silently likened myself to one, having gone through many stages to finally be free and happy. During times of doubt remember this We are not human beings having a spiritual experience……we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’


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