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Spiritualism is not Spirituality

Following a recent conversation with a close friend my attention was drawn to the fact that spirituality and spiritualism are often seen as being one belief. The waters have become muddied due to various concepts coming to the forefront, especially as the popularity of spiritualism is growing and is often sensationalised by the media including TV, magazines and films which is why it’s important you realise that spiritualism is not spirituality.

The definition of spiritualism is accurately summed up in the Oxford dictionary as being a system of belief or religious practice based on supposed communication with the spirits of the dead, especially through mediums.

On the other hand it’s far more difficult to find just one definition for spirituality. Not only because it’s a vast subject but we are individually experiencing various and unique ‘happenings’ according to our soul’s requirements. We have to live out what we learn in order to develop our spirituality and ultimately achieve enlightenment. Therefore so much is written about it because each of us has a different take on spirituality.

My very brief personal summary of spirituality based on my inspirations, also reflected in my experience, is that it is an on going process which has manifested more often than not from a profound spiritual awakening which has been necessary to realise our soul’s purpose here on Earth at this time, and to facilitate our understanding of how to serve our time here for the higher good of our self and mankind, and to live in ‘oneness’ with all other beings as intended by connecting with the divine force which flows throughout the universe and is unrelated to any religious beliefs or systems.

Yes, it is quite possible that when you have an ‘awakening’ you will discover you can connect to spirits, or spirits may decide to make contact and ask you to pass on messages to those they left behind, as your senses develop and your third eye opens. You are perfectly entitled to tell spirits you do not want them contacting you! (Your third eye is one of the seven main chakras, situated in the centre of your forehead between the eyes, providing perception beyond ordinary sight known as sixth sense).

This brings me to quite a crucial fact about spirits – some are malevolent as opposed to benign so be very careful when dealing with spirits. If you find they are actually presenting themselves to you as a presence or form then please seek professional help to move them on as more often than not they haven’t been able to pass over to the Light and need to do so.

It is vital we move into the light after death because the healing which is required at soul level will eventually enable us to continue with our journey, and we also need to meet up with loved ones who are waiting for us.

Very often if the death has been sudden or particularly traumatic the body becomes stuck on the Earthly plane. This is why ghost hunts are cruel. Spirits should not be stalked and goaded for sake of entertainment but need to be taken to the Light with love and reassurance at all times. Also, if your house is haunted please don’t view the spirit as a pet and respect the fact he/she needs to be moved on.

There are professional dowsers who can help with all aspects of removing spirits, attached or otherwise, and also other individuals who safely carry out various spirit rescue procedures.

The other important fact as to why you must move spirits on and a good reason you shouldn’t participate in a ghost hunt, is because if you have any auric imperfections spirits will attach to you and feed off your energy. This can be extremely detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being because lowered spiritual vibration will cause illness.  A professional dowser will measure this using the Bovis scale. For example a scale measuring 7,500 – 8,500 represents good health. When I had three malevolent female spirits attached my Bovis scale measured 2000. When they were removed it returned to normal parameters.

There really are such things as demons too and they can also attach to you. They are extremely powerful and contrary to myths exorcisms, throwing holy water at them, chanting or saying prayers will not remove them. The only way demons can be removed safely is by professionals as mentioned above. A good reason not to dabble in the occult or any other aspects of the dark arts, including spells and magic, is because you will attract demons and possibly other malevolent beings.

Finally, when I first started my spiritual awakening very odd things happened to me including having several spirits attached to me on more than one occasion. I was told by my guide that it was something I had to experience and thankfully, this particular period of learning was short lived, but as I said previously, everyone’s experiences differ. Just remember though that a lot of what we experience in our lifetime we have agreed to when we were in the inter-life (between lifetimes in spirit) because our soul requires the lessons.

Each step on your journey marks a lesson learnt and the way will become clearer as with each step you will have gained knowledge to take you further towards your destination, towards the light.


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