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Life in Different Realms and Dimensions

In this world today there are many who dismiss the possibility of other forms of life from different realms and dimensions. The idea that these beings could be our teachers seems preposterous to those who have been closed off to the extent of not seeing beyond their own ego. We are falsely led to believe the world’s survival is dependent on its financial security. We are kept on high alert by those who use money as their only means of power to dominate the world. We have all been socially radicalised throughout our lives. We are born as free souls but soon become enslaved to social systems which dictate to us how we should live. We are brainwashed on subtle levels and learn to follow the doctrines set before us in order to become a normal member of society. However, we are now moving quickly into an era which is bringing with it changes. A ‘call to arms’ has been requested and many have responded. There are many jobs being carried out for the good of mankind by those who heard the call. Some are unaware they are doing so but countless are experiencing a spiritual awakening on some level which is enabling them to connect to beings in other realms and dimensions. This is not as far-fetched as one might initially assume when you realise we are all energetically connected from source. These beings, whether they are higher beings, creators, angels, spirit guides, E.T’s or nature elementals, all bring messages to teach us what’s needed at this time for mankind and Mother Earth to survive. They are our guides and in order to work with them we have to pay attention to aspects of our own lives and often as a result we find we have to step outside of the confines of conventionality and embrace a new concept which is spirituality.

Spirituality, or connecting to Spirit, is not a subject we are taught about in school, and as school is a method which serves to enforce the rigidity of our social structure and is responsible for laying the foundation for most of which we believe to be true, both in terms of academic and religious knowledge, it’s little wonder most of us dismiss the idea of spirituality. Yet, spirituality is crucial for our personal development – our development as a person. It’s at the very core of our being and when we lack our spiritual self we cannot be the person we intended to be. We become lost in the wilderness, unsure of our purpose which then causes us to question the meaning of our own existence.

We learn from a young age to believe all we are told and often lack the encouragement to explore our own beliefs in a system which stifles our own creativity on all levels. When our schooling is over we enter the adult world and our education continues as we expose ourselves to different forms of media streaming information designed to stifle our spirituality. We become convinced that our survival in the adult world centres around our physical needs and we strive to ensure we conform to societal requirements and all that is needed to ‘fit in.’ In the chaos of doing so we fail to recognise we are moving further away from the embodiment of our spiritual self until such a time when a spiritual awakening is inevitable and it is during this process that we become aware of the existence of a multitude of beings in other realms and dimensions. As we travel along our path we are able to ask for their guidance to help us on our way, and their knowledge serves as a catalyst in gaining access to our own wisdom gathered from many lifetimes, revealing our soul’s requirements which will allow us to fulfil our true purpose during our stay on Earth. With this comes a calling which many find difficult to ignore, and it is at this point in our lives we realise with utmost importance the time has come to reveal our true selves and be the person we intended to be.


Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes there comes a turning point in our life, an awakening or an epiphany which makes us understand what our life’s about and what our work should be here on Earth. To reach this stage we might have suffered a physical or emotional trauma, possibly over many months or years which made us question our existence to the extent of asking ‘What’s the point?’ or ‘Why am I here?’

The combined truth put simply is this – there is a point to our existence and we are all here for a reason; everything is made up of energy. We are made up of energy and it expands out into the universe and our collective thoughts form a consciousness, not just creating our own reality, but creating a reality for our planet and in turn for the universe too. We are here because either our energy is required on Earth in some form or another, or because we have lessons to learn depending on our soul’s requirements, and there are many souls who have been brought here from other planets outside our own universe to incarnate on Earth, also with varied purposes and intentions.

There are several interesting theories as to why it takes a trauma of some sort to realise our true purpose and all seem to fit in with my personal experience; the illness I suffered from a few years ago was the catalyst which started the process of my awakening as I read an array of spiritual books by a host of authors, gathering as much knowledge as I could to look for answers as to why me? It was as if I was scratching around, trying to find my soul in order to identify what it needed to make me well again. Unable to get out and about I effectively removed myself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and allowed my mind to be free of distractions while I focused entirely on finding the answer. Eventually my consciousness seemed to experience some kind of massive shift which brought with it many realisations (still on-going) as I took a massive leap of faith into a new reality. I’d undoubtedly and quite literally opened my mind up in desperation to be well and fit again, and once this had happened I started to develop the belief that I would be well again, no matter what.

I will leave you with a reassuring message from one of my well-travelled guides.

‘We are only visitors on this planet, stopping for a short time. In the big scheme of things we are only a small part of something quite colossal but we are not insignificant, far from it. Life on Earth is seen as a doorway to and from other worlds.’