Heal Your Body & Transform Yourself

Firstly, I have been asked to convey this important teaching:

‘We eat foods that our bodies are not designed to efficiently process and subsequently the damage inflicted as a result causes illness and disease. We develop aches and pains which we treat with painkillers without imagining they are caused by the food we eat. We have become devoid of our responsibility to ‘self’ and fail to understand the link between our physical selves and spiritual selves which is culminating in a disastrous effect on humanity itself as we become further removed from God and all that is good and move towards an era reflecting man’s inability to realise we are being sucked into a never ending cycle perpetrated by the pharmaceutical companies who lead us to believe there are no alternatives to their products because they have a cure for all. With this in mind, it now seems acceptable for us to carry on abusing our bodies so we continue eating foods which make us ill and overweight and take tablets to treat the symptoms of our illnesses while the cause remains and our submissiveness to those handing out our prescriptions and medication persists. As a race, mankind cannot continue shovelling the vast amounts of pharmaceutical products down our throats in the hope they will fix us in the long term. Joanne’s diet and subsequent healing that has taken place within her body has proved that good physical health and spirituality are implicitly linked and at this time it’s vital we all explore the concept of spirituality which will assist not only in our healing but ultimately that of Mother Earth’s.’

When I first wrote an article about Marie my body elemental back in July, I was unaware of both the nature and the importance of the diet I had just started at the time. This diet has been unlike any other diet I’ve tried in the past.  Not only has it enabled me to lose about 35 lbs (16kgs) but it’s also cut my risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other life threatening and degenerative conditions. This is because it’s a diet which works at cellular level causing the most incredible changes and healing to occur within the trillions of cells in my entire body through the removal of toxins, regulation of all hormones, and the control of inflammation. It seems the latter is the cause of most illnesses and chronic health conditions of this day and age.

For a cell to be healthy toxins causing its inflammation must be flushed out before nutrients can move in. At least two litres of water must be consumed daily. It’s imperative not to drink sparkling water because the carbon dioxide which causes the fizz and bubbles is a waste product and must be removed by the body to stop it reaching toxic levels. Your body requires energy to perform this and therefore it makes sense to eliminate all fizzy drinks from your diet.

The importance of my dietary regime which is meat-free, highly nutritious, full of protein, and low in sugar and grains cannot be under estimated as it contains all the food needed to supply my body with the essential nutrients required to promote healing at cellular level and healthy cell function.

Briefly, I eat an array of different lentils and pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables, and my diet also includes nuts, seeds, fresh fish, one or two eggs a week, a small amount of grated cheese, cow’s milk, full fat yoghurts (they contain alot less sugar than fat-free yoghurts and also fat is essential for the absorption of some vitamins and minerals, in particularly vitamin D and magnesium). I have an occasional cake or pastry providing they’re free from animal fats and still eat a piece of dark chocolate daily. I have half a glass of red wine before my evening meal.

I cook meals requiring a wide selection of Indian spices and use black pepper on a daily basis. Spices are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and it seems they have definitely promoted and assisted with the healing which has taken place inside my body, making my diet more effective.

I buy local seasonal fresh produce wherever possible either at a Farmer’s Market or from a roadside stall in the village because not only can I be assured it’s fresh and organically grown, but also for this reason – to be at one with Mother Earth and dance to her rhythm you need to connect to the cycles of nature close by and eating local produce in season will help you achieve this.

Thanks to the nature of my diet created by Marie specifically for my body, the weight loss has been gradual and my skin hasn’t lost its tautness and I’m becoming more toned as my exercise regime becomes easier and therefore more frequent.

I have lost weight from all over my body in what seems like equal proportions – my back, waist, hips and stomach are noticeably leaner, as are my legs but I look neither skinny nor gaunt. My arms, hands, feet and face haven’t escaped the weight loss either. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my skin. It’s regained its youthful appearance and suppleness all over, including my face. My facial skin tone is more even due mostly to drastically reducing my intake of gluten, sugar and red wine to a very minimal amount, restoring its healthy glow.

I’ve discovered my zest for life and I am reminded of how I felt before the responsibilities of adulthood weighed me down, prompting childhood memories from many years ago, and as I recall these I remember the happiness I felt at the time combined with the optimism and hope I held for the future, while ‘care-free’ feelings and joy fill my entire being to uplift me, raising my vibrations.

I hope this article has inspired and encouraged you to further embrace the idea that you can take control of your body to achieve weight loss and the physical good health you desire.  I can assure you too that in the process your spiritual well-being will receive a massive boost and you will soon feel that you really are part of Earth’s natural order.

Appreciating that we are all part of nature and interwoven with Mother Earth brings an understanding of the importance of healing our body and aligning to our true selves.


Tuning In

When writing my articles I try to reassure you that spirituality is accessible to everyone by attempting to remove the mysticism which often surrounds it. By doing so I hope you become inspired and encouraged to explore your own spirituality and discover what life should really about here on Earth. By keeping things simple I believe the information is clearer, which is why I often advise that you carry out your own research regarding the definitions of terminologies or expressions mentioned in my articles. Hopefully this will also encourage you to experiment and develop your own ideas.

Some of you reading my articles may be surprised by the information contained within them. However I’m sure many of you can relate to the insights and experiences I’m sharing with you, and if you’ve read the first article titled ‘Introduction’ you’ll no doubt understand my intentions.

I am a ‘channel’ for those in the spiritual and other realms who are keen to impart their knowledge in order to assist us all to become spiritually enlightened on Earth. I’m not an expert on any matters I discuss in my articles and apart from my personal experiences all the information I share with you is channelled and as told to me by angels/guides. The reasons why this is necessary at this time is discussed in previous articles.

In case you’re wondering, I will explain how it works but bear in mind everyone has different experiences. I receive inspiration regarding a particular subject from my guides/angels at a time they deem appropriate, and this is what prompts me to sit and write. Sometimes I have an idea and they give me the information which they know my experience can support, or they decide on the subject of the next article, knowing I will be able to present the information accurately and truthfully. (This can be summed up as possessing ‘spiritual discernment’ of which there is a vast amount of information available on the internet about. To me it just means I have the ability to distinguish the truth in all I am being told).

I should add that I am not a medium and I do not contact spirits of those who have passed on – this is referred to as mediumship rather than channelling

I have heard many times that people with extrasensory perceptions (ESP) are gifted. This is not the case as we can all develop the ability to connect with those in other realms, and also our Higher Self. ESP is also known as the sixth sense. The internet is overloaded with information so I advise you carry out your own research regarding this.

If any of you have experience of channelling you will appreciate the energy required on my part to make it happen. Needless to say I’ve received guidance and support regarding how to raise my vibrations to be able to tune into the same frequency as guides/angels in order to communicate with them. I can liken it to tuning a radio in when you’re trying to find your favourite radio station. 

Channelling is an extremely humbling experience. When I channel, the love I feel from those I am communicating with is amazing, and they receive much love and gratitude in return.

Ideally I’d like to spend most of my time writing but it’s just not possible due to other factors which revolve around living on the physical plane, including having to fulfil other commitments, and this is acknowledged by my guides and angels too.

I hope also this goes some way to explain why my articles are sometimes few and far between!

 Always have faith and trust what you know to be true in your heart and soul.                                                             



Spirituality versus Science

As you progress along your spiritual path there will be times when you have to test the water when it comes to talking about spirituality. I recently did this with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. Unfortunately I misjudged the temperature! I managed to avoid what could have been an uncomfortable situation for both of us by quickly changing the subject but the brief initial exchange of opinion left me wondering if there are still some people who believe spirituality is totally make believe and when it comes to spirituality versus science, the latter will win.

Science has always been called in to question the existence of spirituality, and equally the debate regarding the science behind it in order to prove the certainty of all matters pertaining to spirituality whether in the context of the Divine, angels, the after-life or aspects of healing such as Reiki, will continue to rage on for many years to come I’m sure. We all know science is used to prove the existence of everything, and without proof we are unable to present a water-tight argument as to whether something is real or not. As a result, light workers struggle at times to explain the wonders of our own discoveries as we attempt to share our knowledge which is based on experience rather than belief, afraid that without the scientific proof many people will remain unconvinced by the whole concept, including the importance of their own spirituality at this time.

So how do we prove spirituality exists? The simple answer is that we can’t. It’s only when we experience some form of spirituality that we truly know. And that’s the point; as your spiritual awareness grows you will develop a ‘knowing.’ This knowing encompasses all to do with creation and Mother Earth. Ideas you imagined as possibilities relating to these suddenly become a realisation as we gain an insight and an understanding, neither of which is based on scientific evidence but yet we know it to be true and real.

Therefore it makes sense that guiding others to the Light through our thoughts and actions is so important. This can be done in such subtle ways and from experience I have found that quietly setting an example, and talking about my awareness only when appropriate is far more effective than randomly discussing my experiences. Sometimes offering a little bit of information when prompted creates more interest than going off on a tangent.

I have developed the knack of judging who might be interested in learning more and also when to keep quiet. Moreover I have been surprised by friends and acquaintances discussing their experiences with me completely out of the blue, and discovering each one of us has been given a different but equally important role to play.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique and although we are all treading different paths, our destinations remain the same.


Negative Energy

Summertime is when Mother Nature reveals her true beauty. As I ventured out on a morning’s walk and admired the picture postcard views of the tranquil countryside basking in the glorious summer sun, with the wonderful greeny hues of the ancient oak trees set against the background of the golden cornfields, I found it hard to imagine we are surrounded by anything other than positive and good energies.

When we are feeling happy and content we are not always aware of the good energies contributing to our sense of well-being. On the other hand we are soon able to recognise energies around us which make us feel uncomfortable and most times perceive these as being dark or negative. There might be certain people or places we avoid because of this very reason. We trust our instincts nine times out of ten. On the odd occasion we don’t, we end up telling ourselves we should have known better!

However, because we are all exposed to negative influences in various guises we become unaware of just how many negative energies we absorb. For example, we all know the news is filled with depressing stories accompanied by a great deal of negativity. This is done deliberately and designed to create feelings of disempowerment within us, followed by fear. As we continue to be fearful we feel even more helpless and in an attempt to comprehend the dreadful things we have seen or heard we dwell on them. By doing so we are giving the energy which is needed to fuel these negative situations and equally to those committing atrocities, thereby perpetuating both. It’s easy to be drawn into ‘doom and gloom’ stories but these only serve as ‘energy vampires’ and deplete our own energies in the way some individuals do. At the same time this flurry of negative thoughts and emotions into our consciousnesses causes our vibrations to lower, drawing us away from the Light. And, as discussed in previous blogs, it’s pretty vital to raise your vibrations if you want to move into the light and become enlightened. With this in mind, those that haven’t yet done so or don’t want to move into the Light will continue to be stuck in the cycle mentioned above and subconsciously they will be making an effort to ensure that others are too.

Unfortunately children seem to be exposed to just as many, if not more, negative influences/energies on the TV. I was horrified to see on a particular children’s channel while watching a programme with my young granddaughter, a cartoon clearly depicting the devil breathing out fire to destroy ponies whose spell they’d used to protect themselves had not been powerful enough. In an attempt to find something else to watch I flicked through the appropriate channels only to find most of the cartoons involved the characters either being enchanted, using magic or casting spells to create disharmony and jealousy amongst their ‘friends’, all cleverly disguised as being fun.

My impression is that as their little minds are exposed to these influences and behaviours they become conditioned. From the conversations I’ve had with my older granddaughter, displaying a certain amount of nastiness in the playground and even to their friends and peers is the norm and a ‘must do’, and because they’ve learnt this behaviour by watching characters on various TV programmes it’s acceptable.

It takes a great deal of effort to change our thought patterns and convert negative thoughts into positive ones. It requires us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, including what we say to people. Negative words (thoughts and actions) lowers the recipient’s energy vibrations and causes dents in their energy fields/auric layers which can lead to imperfections/tears/holes thus making them susceptible to having other negative and dark energies attach to them. Also, switching off from other people’s dramas is a must, no matter how compelled we feel to find out what will happen next.

If you feel it necessary to watch the news, perhaps next time you see a particular item which makes you feel sad or upset, send Light and love to the situation with good intent (rather than individuals) and trust that you have helped to heal it and those involved. Obviously this way of thinking can be applied to anything you see or hear in your daily life.

Try not watching the news (or anything else on TV with depressing scenes/story lines) for a week and see how much lighter you feel as your vibrations start to rise as a result of switching off, quite literally.

The other important aspect to consider too is the detrimental effect negative energies have on our health. More and more people seem to be embracing the ideology of alternative therapies (whether or not they believe in them). There seems to be an acceptance by many that ill health is caused by various energetic blockages in the body manifesting into the physical symptoms we present doctors and clinicians with. This is a fascinating subject and one which is very important to me and I look forward to discussing it in greater detail later.

Throughout the process of enlightenment I have become very aware of negative and dark energies and the extent of the damage they cause. I have discovered the impact they had on my life, both physically and spiritually, prior to becoming enlightened, and I have learnt the importance of steering clear of them now, wherever or whoever they may be lurking in. As my ‘light’ has become brighter and my vibrations have risen, I randomly attract people who have lower vibrations. These individuals either want my energy or subconsciously wish me enough harm to extinguish my light. As it’s not possible to hide away and live like a hermit I use Reiki to protect both my energies and physical being. Crystals can also be used for protection. Find a crystal you feel drawn to then ask for it to protect you and your home from whatever you feel is necessary.

Negative energies create dark energies. These are manifested to prevent the Light and to ultimately keep our world in permanent darkness and thereby destroying all that is good.


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Archangel Michael’s Perspective

Here is an inspirational teaching received from Archangel Michael based on the view point of all those in the higher planes, as told to me.

‘Therefore our life on this physical plane is an illusion. It is our experiences which make it feel real. These are necessary to reveal the learning required in this lifetime to take us forward into our next life. At the same time we are able to live what we learnt from previous incarnations. At the present time on Earth we live in the 3rd dimension and therefore our physical and spiritual selves are separate from each other. When Mother Earth ascends we will exist in the 5th dimension and our physical and spiritual selves will be joined.

We live in a world which revolves around money and our desire for material wealth and status is driven by our need to feel fulfilled. We cannot take these possessions with us into the next life. They are not important. It’s what’s in your soul that matters and the lessons you’ve learnt in this life that will take you forward to your next life and pave the way for how you will live your life next time around. We work to earn money to survive in a world which commands us to spend it on earthly possessions which we are led to believe will make us happy where in reality we are feeding the machine which works to keeps us all enslaved to money, and reliant on the financial institutions which created the greed in the first place. By doing so we become miserable and lack joy in our hearts and to replace this we fill our lives with more earthly possessions. These only serve to provide a quick fix of happiness and so it goes on. We become caught up in a never ending cycle, spiralling down further if we’re not careful, into the depths of the material world, until we end up so far down we become trapped by the darkness of it all and unable to find our way out. Our physical selves are being exploited by many big industries to create negativity, misery and fear, thus ensuring we keep feeding the machine by instilling more negativity, misery and fear needed to prevent us moving to the light and creating a world where only love and Light exists.’

Meet your Higher Self

Meeting your Higher Self is an essential step to take if your desire is to continue along your spiritual path to enlightenment. Since I connected to my Higher Self much information has been revealed, accelerating my journey and adding clarity to my intentions. The shift in my consciousness has brought about new experiences associated with the tasks presented to me along the way. At times I despaired and even doubted my guides when told it was all for my higher good. I realise now that everything I experienced was necessary to enable my spiritual growth at soul level. It was as if my Higher Self had an enormous puzzle to complete and with each experience/task it was able to add another piece towards completion – My soul being the puzzle. Personally, connecting to my Higher Self was the key to my spiritual awakening.

Before I explain how to meet your Higher Self I need to tell you why this is important for the planet as a whole. Earth is unique. There is no other place in the universe where we can gather the experiences and knowledge needed to take with us to our next incarnation which might not necessarily be on Earth. Our planet was created to be a place of learning and healing where only love and light existed as intended by God. At this time Mother Earth needs to ascend, to restore her and to regain the purpose that Earth was created for. The human race needs to learn how to sustain itself before it destroys the planet and consequently mankind. By connecting to your Higher Self you will be playing an enormous part in ensuring our continued existence.

To put it simply……Connecting to your Higher Self ignites the Divine Spark also contained in the quartz crystal bundle above your crown, and re-establishes your connection with God, the source of Divine light. As the spark ignites you will be connected to a vast illuminated quartz crystal grid. The brighter the grid becomes, the less darkness there will be in the world and as our vibrations rise we transcend to the fifth dimension, aiding the ascension of Mother Earth. By connecting to your Higher Self you will not only have access to the information you require but you will receive the guidance to help you connect and work with beings from other realms and dimensions to create the ‘oneness’ which is essential for the sustainability of mankind. There are many who are eager to teach and assist us – from those in the Hollow Earth to elementals/nature spirits, angels and the creators.

The best way to meet your Higher Self is in a meditation while you’re in a high state of consciousness which is necessary to tune into the frequency of its energy. This might take some practice but please persevere. Meditation is about freeing your mind from clutter and being relaxed. There is much written about this and how to achieve various states of consciousness and I advise you to discover your own techniques. During several meditations to meet my Higher Self I imagined treading various paths in an array of settings as advised by assorted authors but it wasn’t until I listened to a guided meditation CD that I eventually managed to meet my Higher Self. During this particular CD I had to envisage my chakras and I found my Higher Self waiting for me as my image in my third eye chakra. (Third eye chakra also known as brow chakra, is situated in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes).

Your Higher Self does not have a gender. You might see your Higher Self as your image or imagine it to be someone or something else. Bear in mind it’s important to be aware of its energy when you connect. It’s also quite important to let go of your ego to ensure the answers to your questions are not based around the ‘self’ and are for your higher good. You might find that you need to meet your Higher Self on more than one occasion before you feel comfortable about the questions you ask or convinced about the answers you receive. There will be many times during your spiritual journey when you doubt your sanity and wonder ‘if it’s all in your mind.’ Rest assured that as your spirituality develops you will learn to trust your intuition. Remember that your Higher Self will always work with you for your highest good. During the process of meeting your Higher Self allow yourself to day-dream. Keep letting your thoughts flow, no matter how random and you will find yourself moving into another space, a higher consciousness. As with all meditation a good indication you’ve managed to achieve this is if you experience a floating, detached feeling as you come out of the meditation. This should be short lived but if after a few minutes you still feel elsewhere and not back in the room I advise you to sit quietly and send a request out into the ether to help you return if necessary, otherwise you will end up feeling physically and mentally drained for the rest of the day. Grounding is important. Imagine you have roots from the soles of your feet down to the centre of the Earth before you start the meditation.

It’s advisable to keep some sort of journal to record  at some point any information or guidance you receive. A dream diary is a good idea too but ensure you keep to one source regarding interpretations as they can differ. I say this with the experience of having to interpret the meanings of my dreams with the book my guide knows I’ll use to do so.

I can’t remember what I asked my Higher Self initially but it must have been quite profound because over a course of a few weeks I started to gain a great deal of intuition and inspiration from beings including higher beings and elementals in other realms relating to creation and the universe. I can describe it as a veil being lifted, clearing my vision and giving me a new sight but oddly enough one which seemed more familiar as subconscious memories surfaced from many lifetimes ago where I’d previously lived in a state of oneness. It felt as if I’d been allowed access to my soul and all its secrets.

I can easily return to my third eye chakra and meet my Higher Self whenever I want but most of the information seems to be fed to me as and when I need it. My guide who I’ve met since connecting to my Higher Self will meet ‘me’ here for a chat or to give ‘me’ healing. ‘Me’ is referring to my Higher Self. This method enables my consciousness to join him in the fifth dimension and therefore our connection is stronger. Over time my spiritual abilities have improved and I feel assured that when I am unable to ‘hear’ him I will eventually receive his guidance and intuition when I require it. Very often during a meditation my guide will take ‘me’ elsewhere. Sometimes I don’t recognise the location until I visit it on the physical plane. For example during a journey to a holiday destination I meditated and met my guide in a meadow of buttercups and wild flowers which I discovered as I walked to my hotel once I’d physically arrived. You might also find as I do, that this space which has been created for you to meet and talk to your Higher Self becomes a meeting point for other beings or guides who have something to tell you.

Once you connect to your Higher Self you are truly on your way to enlightenment. Your knowledge and help will be required somewhere along the way so be prepared to be given a certain amount of responsibility. You will however, receive the guidance needed to help you with this. For example, my guide told me to set up this website, guided me through the process and even told me what to call it. You might also feel prompted to make changes to your lifestyle and diet, read certain literature or visit various places.

Listen to your intuition and be guided by it. Trust that at some point along your journey all will become clear.

Joanne  Buttercup meadow with hidden Corn Crakes (native birds)