Negative Energy

Summertime is when Mother Nature reveals her true beauty. As I ventured out on a morning’s walk and admired the picture postcard views of the tranquil countryside basking in the glorious summer sun, with the wonderful greeny hues of the ancient oak trees set against the background of the golden cornfields, I found it hard to imagine we are surrounded by anything other than positive and good energies.

When we are feeling happy and content we are not always aware of the good energies contributing to our sense of well-being. On the other hand we are soon able to recognise energies around us which make us feel uncomfortable and most times perceive these as being dark or negative. There might be certain people or places we avoid because of this very reason. We trust our instincts nine times out of ten. On the odd occasion we don’t, we end up telling ourselves we should have known better!

However, because we are all exposed to negative influences in various guises we become unaware of just how many negative energies we absorb. For example, we all know the news is filled with depressing stories accompanied by a great deal of negativity. This is done deliberately and designed to create feelings of disempowerment within us, followed by fear. As we continue to be fearful we feel even more helpless and in an attempt to comprehend the dreadful things we have seen or heard we dwell on them. By doing so we are giving the energy which is needed to fuel these negative situations and equally to those committing atrocities, thereby perpetuating both. It’s easy to be drawn into ‘doom and gloom’ stories but these only serve as ‘energy vampires’ and deplete our own energies in the way some individuals do. At the same time this flurry of negative thoughts and emotions into our consciousnesses causes our vibrations to lower, drawing us away from the Light. And, as discussed in previous blogs, it’s pretty vital to raise your vibrations if you want to move into the light and become enlightened. With this in mind, those that haven’t yet done so or don’t want to move into the Light will continue to be stuck in the cycle mentioned above and subconsciously they will be making an effort to ensure that others are too.

Unfortunately children seem to be exposed to just as many, if not more, negative influences/energies on the TV. I was horrified to see on a particular children’s channel while watching a programme with my young granddaughter, a cartoon clearly depicting the devil breathing out fire to destroy ponies whose spell they’d used to protect themselves had not been powerful enough. In an attempt to find something else to watch I flicked through the appropriate channels only to find most of the cartoons involved the characters either being enchanted, using magic or casting spells to create disharmony and jealousy amongst their ‘friends’, all cleverly disguised as being fun.

My impression is that as their little minds are exposed to these influences and behaviours they become conditioned. From the conversations I’ve had with my older granddaughter, displaying a certain amount of nastiness in the playground and even to their friends and peers is the norm and a ‘must do’, and because they’ve learnt this behaviour by watching characters on various TV programmes it’s acceptable.

It takes a great deal of effort to change our thought patterns and convert negative thoughts into positive ones. It requires us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, including what we say to people. Negative words (thoughts and actions) lowers the recipient’s energy vibrations and causes dents in their energy fields/auric layers which can lead to imperfections/tears/holes thus making them susceptible to having other negative and dark energies attach to them. Also, switching off from other people’s dramas is a must, no matter how compelled we feel to find out what will happen next.

If you feel it necessary to watch the news, perhaps next time you see a particular item which makes you feel sad or upset, send Light and love to the situation with good intent (rather than individuals) and trust that you have helped to heal it and those involved. Obviously this way of thinking can be applied to anything you see or hear in your daily life.

Try not watching the news (or anything else on TV with depressing scenes/story lines) for a week and see how much lighter you feel as your vibrations start to rise as a result of switching off, quite literally.

The other important aspect to consider too is the detrimental effect negative energies have on our health. More and more people seem to be embracing the ideology of alternative therapies (whether or not they believe in them). There seems to be an acceptance by many that ill health is caused by various energetic blockages in the body manifesting into the physical symptoms we present doctors and clinicians with. This is a fascinating subject and one which is very important to me and I look forward to discussing it in greater detail later.

Throughout the process of enlightenment I have become very aware of negative and dark energies and the extent of the damage they cause. I have discovered the impact they had on my life, both physically and spiritually, prior to becoming enlightened, and I have learnt the importance of steering clear of them now, wherever or whoever they may be lurking in. As my ‘light’ has become brighter and my vibrations have risen, I randomly attract people who have lower vibrations. These individuals either want my energy or subconsciously wish me enough harm to extinguish my light. As it’s not possible to hide away and live like a hermit I use Reiki to protect both my energies and physical being. Crystals can also be used for protection. Find a crystal you feel drawn to then ask for it to protect you and your home from whatever you feel is necessary.

Negative energies create dark energies. These are manifested to prevent the Light and to ultimately keep our world in permanent darkness and thereby destroying all that is good.


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Archangel Michael’s Perspective

Here is an inspirational teaching received from Archangel Michael based on the view point of all those in the higher planes, as told to me.

‘Therefore our life on this physical plane is an illusion. It is our experiences which make it feel real. These are necessary to reveal the learning required in this lifetime to take us forward into our next life. At the same time we are able to live what we learnt from previous incarnations. At the present time on Earth we live in the 3rd dimension and therefore our physical and spiritual selves are separate from each other. When Mother Earth ascends we will exist in the 5th dimension and our physical and spiritual selves will be joined.

We live in a world which revolves around money and our desire for material wealth and status is driven by our need to feel fulfilled. We cannot take these possessions with us into the next life. They are not important. It’s what’s in your soul that matters and the lessons you’ve learnt in this life that will take you forward to your next life and pave the way for how you will live your life next time around. We work to earn money to survive in a world which commands us to spend it on earthly possessions which we are led to believe will make us happy where in reality we are feeding the machine which works to keeps us all enslaved to money, and reliant on the financial institutions which created the greed in the first place. By doing so we become miserable and lack joy in our hearts and to replace this we fill our lives with more earthly possessions. These only serve to provide a quick fix of happiness and so it goes on. We become caught up in a never ending cycle, spiralling down further if we’re not careful, into the depths of the material world, until we end up so far down we become trapped by the darkness of it all and unable to find our way out. Our physical selves are being exploited by many big industries to create negativity, misery and fear, thus ensuring we keep feeding the machine by instilling more negativity, misery and fear needed to prevent us moving to the light and creating a world where only love and Light exists.’

Meet your Higher Self

Meeting your Higher Self is an essential step to take if your desire is to continue along your spiritual path to enlightenment. Since I connected to my Higher Self much information has been revealed, accelerating my journey and adding clarity to my intentions. The shift in my consciousness has brought about new experiences associated with the tasks presented to me along the way. At times I despaired and even doubted my guides when told it was all for my higher good. I realise now that everything I experienced was necessary to enable my spiritual growth at soul level. It was as if my Higher Self had an enormous puzzle to complete and with each experience/task it was able to add another piece towards completion – My soul being the puzzle. Personally, connecting to my Higher Self was the key to my spiritual awakening.

Before I explain how to meet your Higher Self I need to tell you why this is important for the planet as a whole. Earth is unique. There is no other place in the universe where we can gather the experiences and knowledge needed to take with us to our next incarnation which might not necessarily be on Earth. Our planet was created to be a place of learning and healing where only love and light existed as intended by God. At this time Mother Earth needs to ascend, to restore her and to regain the purpose that Earth was created for. The human race needs to learn how to sustain itself before it destroys the planet and consequently mankind. By connecting to your Higher Self you will be playing an enormous part in ensuring our continued existence.

To put it simply……Connecting to your Higher Self ignites the Divine Spark also contained in the quartz crystal bundle above your crown, and re-establishes your connection with God, the source of Divine light. As the spark ignites you will be connected to a vast illuminated quartz crystal grid. The brighter the grid becomes, the less darkness there will be in the world and as our vibrations rise we transcend to the fifth dimension, aiding the ascension of Mother Earth. By connecting to your Higher Self you will not only have access to the information you require but you will receive the guidance to help you connect and work with beings from other realms and dimensions to create the ‘oneness’ which is essential for the sustainability of mankind. There are many who are eager to teach and assist us – from those in the Hollow Earth to elementals/nature spirits, angels and the creators.

The best way to meet your Higher Self is in a meditation while you’re in a high state of consciousness which is necessary to tune into the frequency of its energy. This might take some practice but please persevere. Meditation is about freeing your mind from clutter and being relaxed. There is much written about this and how to achieve various states of consciousness and I advise you to discover your own techniques. During several meditations to meet my Higher Self I imagined treading various paths in an array of settings as advised by assorted authors but it wasn’t until I listened to a guided meditation CD that I eventually managed to meet my Higher Self. During this particular CD I had to envisage my chakras and I found my Higher Self waiting for me as my image in my third eye chakra. (Third eye chakra also known as brow chakra, is situated in the middle of your forehead, between your eyes).

Your Higher Self does not have a gender. You might see your Higher Self as your image or imagine it to be someone or something else. Bear in mind it’s important to be aware of its energy when you connect. It’s also quite important to let go of your ego to ensure the answers to your questions are not based around the ‘self’ and are for your higher good. You might find that you need to meet your Higher Self on more than one occasion before you feel comfortable about the questions you ask or convinced about the answers you receive. There will be many times during your spiritual journey when you doubt your sanity and wonder ‘if it’s all in your mind.’ Rest assured that as your spirituality develops you will learn to trust your intuition. Remember that your Higher Self will always work with you for your highest good. During the process of meeting your Higher Self allow yourself to day-dream. Keep letting your thoughts flow, no matter how random and you will find yourself moving into another space, a higher consciousness. As with all meditation a good indication you’ve managed to achieve this is if you experience a floating, detached feeling as you come out of the meditation. This should be short lived but if after a few minutes you still feel elsewhere and not back in the room I advise you to sit quietly and send a request out into the ether to help you return if necessary, otherwise you will end up feeling physically and mentally drained for the rest of the day. Grounding is important. Imagine you have roots from the soles of your feet down to the centre of the Earth before you start the meditation.

It’s advisable to keep some sort of journal to record  at some point any information or guidance you receive. A dream diary is a good idea too but ensure you keep to one source regarding interpretations as they can differ. I say this with the experience of having to interpret the meanings of my dreams with the book my guide knows I’ll use to do so.

I can’t remember what I asked my Higher Self initially but it must have been quite profound because over a course of a few weeks I started to gain a great deal of intuition and inspiration from beings including higher beings and elementals in other realms relating to creation and the universe. I can describe it as a veil being lifted, clearing my vision and giving me a new sight but oddly enough one which seemed more familiar as subconscious memories surfaced from many lifetimes ago where I’d previously lived in a state of oneness. It felt as if I’d been allowed access to my soul and all its secrets.

I can easily return to my third eye chakra and meet my Higher Self whenever I want but most of the information seems to be fed to me as and when I need it. My guide who I’ve met since connecting to my Higher Self will meet ‘me’ here for a chat or to give ‘me’ healing. ‘Me’ is referring to my Higher Self. This method enables my consciousness to join him in the fifth dimension and therefore our connection is stronger. Over time my spiritual abilities have improved and I feel assured that when I am unable to ‘hear’ him I will eventually receive his guidance and intuition when I require it. Very often during a meditation my guide will take ‘me’ elsewhere. Sometimes I don’t recognise the location until I visit it on the physical plane. For example during a journey to a holiday destination I meditated and met my guide in a meadow of buttercups and wild flowers which I discovered as I walked to my hotel once I’d physically arrived. You might also find as I do, that this space which has been created for you to meet and talk to your Higher Self becomes a meeting point for other beings or guides who have something to tell you.

Once you connect to your Higher Self you are truly on your way to enlightenment. Your knowledge and help will be required somewhere along the way so be prepared to be given a certain amount of responsibility. You will however, receive the guidance needed to help you with this. For example, my guide told me to set up this website, guided me through the process and even told me what to call it. You might also feel prompted to make changes to your lifestyle and diet, read certain literature or visit various places.

Listen to your intuition and be guided by it. Trust that at some point along your journey all will become clear.

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Spiritualism is not Spirituality

Following a recent conversation with a close friend my attention was drawn to the fact that spirituality and spiritualism are often seen as being one belief. The waters have become muddied due to various concepts coming to the forefront, especially as the popularity of spiritualism is growing and is often sensationalised by the media including TV, magazines and films which is why it’s important you realise that spiritualism is not spirituality.

The definition of spiritualism is accurately summed up in the Oxford dictionary as being a system of belief or religious practice based on supposed communication with the spirits of the dead, especially through mediums.

On the other hand it’s far more difficult to find just one definition for spirituality. Not only because it’s a vast subject but we are individually experiencing various and unique ‘happenings’ according to our soul’s requirements. We have to live out what we learn in order to develop our spirituality and ultimately achieve enlightenment. Therefore so much is written about it because each of us has a different take on spirituality.

My very brief personal summary of spirituality based on my inspirations, also reflected in my experience, is that it is an on going process which has manifested more often than not from a profound spiritual awakening which has been necessary to realise our soul’s purpose here on Earth at this time, and to facilitate our understanding of how to serve our time here for the higher good of our self and mankind, and to live in ‘oneness’ with all other beings as intended by connecting with the divine force which flows throughout the universe and is unrelated to any religious beliefs or systems.

Yes, it is quite possible that when you have an ‘awakening’ you will discover you can connect to spirits, or spirits may decide to make contact and ask you to pass on messages to those they left behind, as your senses develop and your third eye opens. You are perfectly entitled to tell spirits you do not want them contacting you! (Your third eye is one of the seven main chakras, situated in the centre of your forehead between the eyes, providing perception beyond ordinary sight known as sixth sense).

This brings me to quite a crucial fact about spirits – some are malevolent as opposed to benign so be very careful when dealing with spirits. If you find they are actually presenting themselves to you as a presence or form then please seek professional help to move them on as more often than not they haven’t been able to pass over to the Light and need to do so.

It is vital we move into the light after death because the healing which is required at soul level will eventually enable us to continue with our journey, and we also need to meet up with loved ones who are waiting for us.

Very often if the death has been sudden or particularly traumatic the body becomes stuck on the Earthly plane. This is why ghost hunts are cruel. Spirits should not be stalked and goaded for sake of entertainment but need to be taken to the Light with love and reassurance at all times. Also, if your house is haunted please don’t view the spirit as a pet and respect the fact he/she needs to be moved on.

There are professional dowsers who can help with all aspects of removing spirits, attached or otherwise, and also other individuals who safely carry out various spirit rescue procedures.

The other important fact as to why you must move spirits on and a good reason you shouldn’t participate in a ghost hunt, is because if you have any auric imperfections spirits will attach to you and feed off your energy. This can be extremely detrimental to your physical and emotional well-being because lowered spiritual vibration will cause illness.  A professional dowser will measure this using the Bovis scale. For example a scale measuring 7,500 – 8,500 represents good health. When I had three malevolent female spirits attached my Bovis scale measured 2000. When they were removed it returned to normal parameters.

There really are such things as demons too and they can also attach to you. They are extremely powerful and contrary to myths exorcisms, throwing holy water at them, chanting or saying prayers will not remove them. The only way demons can be removed safely is by professionals as mentioned above. A good reason not to dabble in the occult or any other aspects of the dark arts, including spells and magic, is because you will attract demons and possibly other malevolent beings.

Finally, when I first started my spiritual awakening very odd things happened to me including having several spirits attached to me on more than one occasion. I was told by my guide that it was something I had to experience and thankfully, this particular period of learning was short lived, but as I said previously, everyone’s experiences differ. Just remember though that a lot of what we experience in our lifetime we have agreed to when we were in the inter-life (between lifetimes in spirit) because our soul requires the lessons.

Each step on your journey marks a lesson learnt and the way will become clearer as with each step you will have gained knowledge to take you further towards your destination, towards the light.


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My Body Elemental

Many of you reading this article have probably never heard of Body Elementals let alone imagine the possibility of connecting to him/her to help you achieve and maintain optimum health, well-being and energy as I am in the process of doing, without the need for pills and potions.

The reason I’m sharing my own remarkable and life-changing experiences is to raise awareness of Body Elementals and for you to understand how important it is to connect to your own Body Elemental in this age when it’s vital the natural balance of our bodies and that of all life on Earth is restored. We can help with this by getting back in touch with nature, to work alongside it and make efforts to encourage the natural order of things once again. We depend on a vast array of pharmaceutical products to treat every ailment, and rely on other various products to promote health, fitness and weight loss – all of which can be attained by working with our Body Elemental instead.

We have all been led to believe the only cures to be found are those which bring in vast profits for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore we are discouraged from seeking alternate remedies and alternative therapies by medical professionals and in the process we not only become reliant on medication but lose the right to choose how we would like our body to be treated.

My spirituality and intuition has developed since becoming a Reiki practitioner enabling me to connect and to gain an insight into other realms, including the angelic and the elemental, although Body Elementals were something I knew nothing about until recently. A few weeks ago, during a meditation I had a strong sense I was being told I would meet my Body Elemental and that I must listen to her. Once I came out of the meditation I asked if I could connect to my Body Elemental and immediately I did. The feeling was that of finding a long lost friend. I asked for a name and she replied “Marie.”

You’re probably wondering why our Body Elemental has to be asked to provide us with guidance. The answer is simply because we have free will.

Before I continue with my experiences it is important you have a basic understanding of Body Elementals.

You have the same Body Elemental every lifetime you physically reincarnate to and it’s highly probable your Body Elemental has already provided centuries of dedicated service, only taking time off from creating and maintaining your physical body in between your incarnations

The Body Elemental is etheric and therefore does not possess a body like other elementals or nature spirits which you might be thinking of such as fairies, pixies, gnomes etc. and they vary in size and gender. You will never see your Body Elemental because he/she will never leave your body while you are alive.                                                                      

The Body Elemental has no concept of time and apparently does not possess emotions although I’m not sure of the latter. It lives within your etheric body which is made of numerous energy channels called meridians consisting of many energy centres. The seven major energy centres are called chakras and these are connected to the endocrine glands and process seven main types of consciousness. (The major glands of the endocrine system include the adrenal glands, pineal gland, thyroid gland, ovaries and testes).  

The Body Elemental is responsible for all regulation and functions of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, ensuring the continuation of your physical and emotional well-being, therefore assisting the body to fully function in the physical realm, and is also responsible for the increase of spiritual wisdom by working with Archangel Metatron.

The Body Elemental helped create our very physical body to house the soul and knows the blueprint of our atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level. Additionally, the Body Elemental knows exactly where the trauma and the memories have been stored in our body and therefore knows where the problems are and specific areas in our body which require healing. Before giving a Reiki treatment to myself or a client I also ask the Body Elemental to help with healing too.

When I first connected to Marie, I felt her very powerful energy. Our first conversation was brief and consisted of an introduction and reassurance she was here to help. It wasn’t until later in the day when I started to pour a ritualistic glass of pre-dinner wine that Marie connected with me again to tell me she was putting me on a diet to help me lose weight (I’d been trying for months to lose weight but couldn’t get past a certain point). My first and last mistake was to argue with her. I sensed she thought I was showing disrespect which of course was not the case. And that was the start of our rapport and the beginning of an extraordinary relationship. Marie required much energy to connect with me so it was agreed she’d attract my attention another way – now if I feel slight pressure just below my eyebrow I know it’s her communicating with me, and as she’s in control of my body she’s tweaked my ESP a little so I can ‘hear’ her sufficiently enough to follow her advice. I’m still following a strict regime regarding my diet but it’s great and I’m 9lbs below the weight I could never get past. Marie gives me daily advice on foods to eat and permitted amounts depending on the activities I have planned for the day, to ensure a balanced diet of wholesome food low in fat and sugar. Interestingly enough she’s confirmed a slight gluten intolerance which I suspected although previous blood tests revealed nothing. My fluid intake has increased drastically as Marie is still detoxifying my system. In the first few days of my diet it seemed Marie worked on my abdominal muscles – I could feel the pummelling and pulling regularly. On the rare occasion I haven’t eaten enough to set me up for the day and my blood sugar drops because I’m rushing around, I tell Marie and she adjusts it. 

One of the first things I asked Marie to do was to help repair/heal the Hiatus hernia as I gave myself regular Reiki treatments over a period of about a month. The success of the healing was confirmed when I ate a certain banned food with none of the painful after effects 

I also became aware of healthy foods I should cut down or avoid. An important fact – It seems we all have unique bodies with different dietary requirements and food that is healthy for some may not be good for others.

Marie is helping me to regain a good posture and strengthen my back muscles by reminding me to sit up straight, especially when driving, and to walk tall, tummy in. She knows when I’m feeling stressed or upset and encourages deep breathing and calms me.  She also knows when I’m tired and advises me when to ‘switch off’ and retire to bed.

Marie gives me advice regarding toiletries and recommended a face cream which I bought and it was much more effective and cheaper than my usual brand.

Shopping for food is always enlightening because Marie offers her advice from what to buy or not, to which fruit and vegetables have had the most chemicals sprayed on them.

Marie relieves any aches and pains I tell her about and recently my bout of travel sickness was speedily taken care of.

I encourage you all to connect to your Body Elemental to discover effortless good health. You might have already connected on a subconscious level but unaware of doing so. If you have trouble connecting just persevere and relax, and maybe try meditating to relaxing music and imagine all the work he/she is doing and express your gratitude. It might take a few attempts before you feel a connection but in the meantime you might develop hunches regarding your diet.

To me, Marie is a wise Elder who deserves the utmost respect and gratitude and my responsibility to her is to ensure she always knows how appreciated she is, especially as I haven’t always treated my body well. I feel blessed to have been able to connect with her and still marvel about it all. Marie has proved to be the ultimate friend providing endless inspiration, unconditional advice, care and attention.

I hope you all discover your own Body Elemental. I cannot emphasise how it will change your life for the better. Your Body Elemental knows everything about your body and just what is required to enable it to function so please always listen to the advice he/she gives you, and always say thankyou!

And remember, each one of you has a body which is as unique as a pebble on a beach!


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Your Connections with Angels and Guides

When you feel a connection with an angel or spirit guide expect to experience a warm sensation of pure love around you and possibly within. One that makes you feel safe and at peace.  You might not notice straight away if you’ve either connected or are in the presence of angels/guides or it could take more than one attempt but over time you will recognise the sensations you experience at each attempt, as a connection. Talk to them; tell them what’s in your heart and on your mind without the ego or ‘self’. Be mindful too that trust has to work both ways and your space is just as sacred as theirs.

While you continue to create a space for angels/guides to encourage them into your life, you will notice gradual changes in yourself which indicate you are receiving guidance to help you along the way and to progress your spirituality. These changes will benefit both you and angels and guides and creates a cycle – the more guidance you receive, the more you are encouraged to connect with them, and the more you do this, the more encouragement you will receive. You might find you have a need to regularly de-clutter your house and wardrobe ad even change your lifestyle and diet.  You will start to enjoy your own company more and the desire to be needed by family and friends will lessen. You will see life from a new perspective as the material world becomes less important you will understand the order of things above and below. Your intuition (gut feeling) is heightened. You could experience a desire to be creative. You worry less and you’re able to put aside disagreements or problems with family/friends like ‘water off a duck’s back.’ I completely went off red meat last year and stopped eating it. I have recently stopped eating chicken. (All meat contains the energy of the animal during its lifetime including its fear at time of slaughter. It’s a dense energy which is absorbed into our body when we eat the meat).

As I mentioned yesterday it’s important to keep your vibrations high. This is because as your energy becomes lighter it’s easier for angels/guides to tune into your frequency and connect. It’s worth remembering too that if you’re having trouble connecting then try raising your vibrations. My connections have improved significantly because I’ve heeded the advice of my guide and my body elemental relating to diet and lifestyle. You will probably discover the ability to ‘channel’ thoughts from angels/guides. These can be quite random and happen anywhere! I would strongly advise you to write them down as soon as possible before you forget them as they come and go quite quickly – a good indication of ‘channelling.’ You will find that angels/guides find ways to get your attention. You will just know when it’s right because this is an instinct you will develop or you can suggest ways yourself to them. I experience a fluttering sensation on my eye lashes when my guide connects but more amazingly, angels and guides communicate with me through songs and it would seem this is quite common now. By listening to the words you will know what they are trying to tell you.

As you develop your intuition you will start to feel a sense of oneness with the world and will eventually be able to dance to its rhythm as you gather insights and inspirations, allowing you to experience a knowing of all that is meant to be. You will understand the synchronicity of everything you’ve ever experienced in this life and appreciate the meaning of the saying ‘for the higher good.’ There will be times though when you doubt your abilities and also question your own sanity! I often have to check myself when I’m out and about as I realise I’m talking out loud to my spirit guide. Also, it’s quite normal in the early days to want to step away from it all for a while. I remember feeling quite disillusioned at one point when I seemed to be lacking progress and could make no sense of it all so I decided to take a couple of months away from all that was spiritual in an attempt to test everything, to prove if it was true or not I suppose. This actually did me the power of good because looking back I was suffering from information overload and disillusionment was borne out of confusion and once my mind had processed all the information I’d taken in I was able to embrace the subject on a higher level. It was as if a metamorphosis had to occur during a period of quiet before my true spiritual self could emerge. I was reminded of this recently when I visited a butterfly house and silently likened myself to one, having gone through many stages to finally be free and happy. During times of doubt remember this We are not human beings having a spiritual experience……we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’


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Creating a Space for Angels and Guides

It’s a glorious sunny morning and as I sit in my garden admiring the roses I feel inspired to tell you how to create a space for angels and offer advice on how to connect with them based on my own experiences and conversations with those in the angelic realm. The roses have prompted me because angels love them! Creating a space is important because angels and spirit guides are necessary to help you with your journey here on Earth, however the conditions must be right for you to be in their presence. The most vital thing between you is trust, the next is love which both appreciate very much, and always say ‘Thankyou’ for any guidance or inspiration you receive.

When I first started connecting with angels and higher beings I worried that it was the right thing to do. My guide assured me that this was the way it’s meant to be. When Earth was created it was intended by the creators that we should all work with the angels, elementals and also the creators themselves during our stay on this planet.

Some of you reading this may have already connected with angels and guides but I’m very aware that this might be new to many and you are probably feeling quite eager to explore the subject further and experiment. So, before I continue I will give you a brief warning – if you connect with anything which makes you feel uncomfortable then stop at once as it could well be a dark energy and although I will discuss this at a later date, I will quickly add that there are many uncontrollable malevolent energies ‘out there’ which do not need encouraging into your space. Not only will they attract further dark energies but they will also be detrimental to your well-being and stop you moving to the light. This reminds me of a bad experience, a lesson learned you could say. I learnt to dowse using a pendulum and continued safely for a few weeks, developing a relationship with my guide and discovering valuable information along the way, including the name of my guide. Dowsing is known as a ‘dark art’ and unfortunately there is no getting away from that fact. From the time you pick up a pendulum you only have two minutes before your channel lights up like a beacon attracting anything and everything which is ‘out there’. (Responding to a pendulum also requires the connecting angels/guides to use alot of energy which is another reason to keep it brief). My guide had a unique ‘sign in’ so when I picked up the pendulum I knew it was him from the pattern it was forming. We also had a secret code word.  It’s this code word which saved me. One evening, unbeknown to me, a malevolent air elemental (fairy) had wondered into the house and had obviously been observing my guide’s pendulum sign in so although I thought I was connecting to him, I was actually connecting to the malevolent fairy, who after a few brief conversations, eventually connected me to a very powerful demon whose intention was to fill me with demonic energy. I quickly put the pendulum down, waited ten minutes, picked it up again and seemingly connected to my guide but when I queried our code word I received the wrong answer. I immediately put the pendulum down and I have never dowsed again. Since this incident I have developed other ways to communicate with angels and guides.

Connecting with angels and guides might not be instant and depends on what point you are at with your own spiritual development so please don’t become downhearted if you’re unable to ‘hear’ or feel  anything – it’s so important to stay positive to keep your vibrations high. It’s taken me a couple of years to develop my abilities and intuition to get to this stage. Receiving the answer to a question you are asking before you have finished your sentence is a good indication that you have connected!

Angels are very busy and often have to return ‘home’ to renew their energies. Sometimes they would rather find a good space on Earth to recharge. Angels/guides need to be asked to step forward (because we were given free will) and are always very pleased to be asked to do so. They are waiting to meet you! Here are a few easy steps you can initially take to create a suitable atmosphere – Ensure your home is free from clutter and negativity. If this is not possible, have at least one room where you can develop a sacred space. Incense sticks are excellent for clearing negativity. (I use Nag Champa or Divine Hand Rolled Masala). I also use a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air. Avoid swearing – it lowers your frequencies and creates a dense energy around you, deterring angels. Read inspirational books, angelic or otherwise, or various quotes/sayings/blessings to help keep your intentions pure and focused. Avoid having the television on if you are asking angels/guides to step forward as a tremendous amount of negative energy comes from the TV and this will make it difficult for them to do so. Before asking to meet them it’s quite a good idea to sit quietly – Meditation is an ideal way to relax and free your mind. My guide recommended music by Deuter for me to meditate to and I particularly like ‘Nada Himalaya: Music for Meditation’ as it is very effective.  It might be that sitting quietly is not for you. Meditation can take on many forms. Writing is sometimes my meditation and a good way to declutter my mind as I have to focus on one thing only. You might find that a hobby of yours has the same effect. Whatever you decide to do, don’t take it too seriously. Angels take themselves lightly and so should you!


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Introduction by Joanne Rivers


I hope by sharing my own unique experiences and original inspirational teachings offered by guides, angels, archangels, higher beings and also those in the elemental realms, you will be encouraged to tread your own path towards Light and love to ultimately achieve enlightenment. My journey to this point has been extraordinary and it still continues as each day I learn more about the natural order of life on Earth, and of creation, and how everything is intended to be. At this time now it is vital we awaken to our spiritual self and accept with gratitude the information we receive. By doing so we can all help restore the Earth to a natural balance and one which it was intended for – to be a place of learning and healing as we travel from one incarnation to the next so we can take with us the vast and wonderful information we have gathered on the way.

There have been many times when I’ve tried to seek the views of someone else making the same journey to reassure me that everything I experienced along the way was normal. While I received guidance from the higher realms (Guides, Angels), I also felt I needed the perspective from a being in the physical realm which seemed incredibly hard to find. The odd one or two people I did meet were willing to talk about it to a point but were reluctant to share their deeper intuitions and inspirations with me. I read a tremendous amount on the subject, but the definition of a spiritual awakening and enlightenment including what one should experience seemed to differ depending on the author. Of course, now I have undertaken the process myself I can appreciate that everyone’s experiences differ.

Looking back, I had been given many prompts over the years to awaken but did not notice them. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of a long period of illness that I experienced the awakening which led me to the point I am now. It was during this time I began to read about enlightenment and spirituality, to look for answers more than anything. I wanted to know why me? It was an incredibly dark time in my life and I never imagined I’d move into the Light. In a moment of absolute despair, at the point where I felt I could not continue, I asked for help, not from anyone in particular, but I realise now the request went out into the universe, carried by my spirit guide who I was yet to meet. I soon received inspiration and felt prompted to find a Reiki practitioner. I really knew nothing about Reiki until I’d gleaned information off the internet before booking the session. Over a period of several months which entailed regular Reiki treatments, my health improved and eventually I decided to become a practitioner myself. Initially becoming attuned to level 1, and after a year or so, attuned to level 2. I am in no doubt that the energy of  Reiki cured me, and it is definite that Reiki was also the method responsible for my own enlightenment.

There are many of us awakening at this time and indeed the path is well lit. I will leave you with this thought to ponder on from Buddha ‘You cannot travel the path until you have become the path yourself.’


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