Reiki Energy

Reiki healing is a practice that is thousands of years old and is a very simple and powerful form of healing. It is thought to have been first used by Tibetan Buddhist monks but was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usai.

There is no religion directly connected to Reiki healing; it is a simplistic but deeply spiritual process whereby both the practitioner and the client are filled with Reiki energy. This energy is within us and around us all the time, and is also referred to as universal energy, life-force energy, the source, or God’s energy. During a Reiki treatment this energy is increased and directed to where it is required within the body to unblock energy channels to promote healing and a sense of well-being on all levels. Reiki energy is known as an intelligent energy, meaning that it knows where it is needed, and because it is pure and cannot be corrupted or abused Reiki is the safest and most effective form of spiritual healing.

In my introduction I mention that Reiki is the method which not only improved my health considerably, but also assisted with my profound spiritual awakening, and because of the significance of this statement I would now like to share this recent inspiration I received, based on important aspects of the energy of Reiki.

Reiki is the life-force energy of the universe in the form of love and Light; That is, the Eternal Divine Light, which must be differentiated from the light of the sun and other star systems that our planet is commonly illuminated by. This energy has been around for infinity and it is the source from where we came from and where we will eventually return to. To realise this, an understanding must first be established that we are a multidimensional energy system, connecting us to Mother Earth, our planet and the universe which are also separate multidimensional energy systems, and joining us to all of creation. Once this is understood, the concept of Reiki healing makes sense.

The numerous invisible bands of energies circling our planet, inside and out, are vital to sustain life here. Some of the energies support different dimensions and realms – Your ‘space’ here on Earth is shared with others, and often go unnoticed until  your perception alters and this is when you are able to see or sense angels, spirits, fairies etc. You are connected to these energies by your seven main chakras – base (root), sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye (brow) and crown. These are your most significant because your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies which make up your ‘whole’ self, rely on these chakras for their wellbeing.

Chakras reside in a dimension within your own energy system. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy and the main ones are located along the central line of the body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head and each one is a separate consciousness which require love and Light in the form of Reiki healing – replenishment from the energy of the universe, the life-force – to promote well-being.

Chakras spin in relation to your own energy level, determined by many factors surrounding all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. In order for a chakra to spin it must be balanced. But when there are blockages and imbalances in your energy system the chakras become unbalanced and as a consequence you become unwell. Therefore, in order to maintain your health on all levels it is vital your chakras are balanced.  Reiki energy, when directed into your body not only balances the chakras, it heals them too.

Your body has an amazing ability to heal itself but there are times when it requires help because the causes of illnesses and diseases, especially chronic conditions, are complex due to the structure of your energy system which requires healing on all levels of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Reiki is able to achieve this and indeed, it has been found that when the energy of an illness/disease is removed or dissolved during a Reiki treatment, healing will take place as a result, either by the body naturally, or by using conventional medicinal treatments.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Reiki energy is not only its ability to promote physical healing, but also emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In particularly, the advance in spiritual development of those who receive and those giving Reiki is often quite astounding, and it has only recently been acknowledged that Reiki is responsible for starting many on their spiritual journey. It is widely commented on that in order to achieve enlightenment a spiritual awareness needs to be created and there is no doubt that Reiki treatments facilitate this.

Reiki energy, during a treatment by a practitioner who has been attuned to Reiki symbols in the proper way, flows into a person’s whole energy body, guided by a Higher Consciousness, and promotes healing, maintains well-being, dispels negative emotions, develops intuition and self-awareness, and creates a state of loving kindness.  

Sometimes we have to step outside the confines of our own belief systems in order to unveil a higher consciousness.


Spirituality versus Science

As you progress along your spiritual path there will be times when you have to test the water when it comes to talking about spirituality. I recently did this with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. Unfortunately I misjudged the temperature! I managed to avoid what could have been an uncomfortable situation for both of us by quickly changing the subject but the brief initial exchange of opinion left me wondering if there are still some people who believe spirituality is totally make believe and when it comes to spirituality versus science, the latter will win.

Science has always been called in to question the existence of spirituality, and equally the debate regarding the science behind it in order to prove the certainty of all matters pertaining to spirituality whether in the context of the Divine, angels, the after-life or aspects of healing such as Reiki, will continue to rage on for many years to come I’m sure. We all know science is used to prove the existence of everything, and without proof we are unable to present a water-tight argument as to whether something is real or not. As a result, light workers struggle at times to explain the wonders of our own discoveries as we attempt to share our knowledge which is based on experience rather than belief, afraid that without the scientific proof many people will remain unconvinced by the whole concept, including the importance of their own spirituality at this time.

So how do we prove spirituality exists? The simple answer is that we can’t. It’s only when we experience some form of spirituality that we truly know. And that’s the point; as your spiritual awareness grows you will develop a ‘knowing.’ This knowing encompasses all to do with creation and Mother Earth. Ideas you imagined as possibilities relating to these suddenly become a realisation as we gain an insight and an understanding, neither of which is based on scientific evidence but yet we know it to be true and real.

Therefore it makes sense that guiding others to the Light through our thoughts and actions is so important. This can be done in such subtle ways and from experience I have found that quietly setting an example, and talking about my awareness only when appropriate is far more effective than randomly discussing my experiences. Sometimes offering a little bit of information when prompted creates more interest than going off on a tangent.

I have developed the knack of judging who might be interested in learning more and also when to keep quiet. Moreover I have been surprised by friends and acquaintances discussing their experiences with me completely out of the blue, and discovering each one of us has been given a different but equally important role to play.

Remember, everyone’s journey is unique and although we are all treading different paths, our destinations remain the same.


My Body Elemental

Many of you reading this article have probably never heard of Body Elementals let alone imagine the possibility of connecting to him/her to help you achieve and maintain optimum health, well-being and energy as I am in the process of doing, without the need for pills and potions.

The reason I’m sharing my own remarkable and life-changing experiences is to raise awareness of Body Elementals and for you to understand how important it is to connect to your own Body Elemental in this age when it’s vital the natural balance of our bodies and that of all life on Earth is restored. We can help with this by getting back in touch with nature, to work alongside it and make efforts to encourage the natural order of things once again. We depend on a vast array of pharmaceutical products to treat every ailment, and rely on other various products to promote health, fitness and weight loss – all of which can be attained by working with our Body Elemental instead.

We have all been led to believe the only cures to be found are those which bring in vast profits for pharmaceutical companies. Therefore we are discouraged from seeking alternate remedies and alternative therapies by medical professionals and in the process we not only become reliant on medication but lose the right to choose how we would like our body to be treated.

My spirituality and intuition has developed since becoming a Reiki practitioner enabling me to connect and to gain an insight into other realms, including the angelic and the elemental, although Body Elementals were something I knew nothing about until recently. A few weeks ago, during a meditation I had a strong sense I was being told I would meet my Body Elemental and that I must listen to her. Once I came out of the meditation I asked if I could connect to my Body Elemental and immediately I did. The feeling was that of finding a long lost friend. I asked for a name and she replied “Marie.”

You’re probably wondering why our Body Elemental has to be asked to provide us with guidance. The answer is simply because we have free will.

Before I continue with my experiences it is important you have a basic understanding of Body Elementals.

You have the same Body Elemental every lifetime you physically reincarnate to and it’s highly probable your Body Elemental has already provided centuries of dedicated service, only taking time off from creating and maintaining your physical body in between your incarnations

The Body Elemental is etheric and therefore does not possess a body like other elementals or nature spirits which you might be thinking of such as fairies, pixies, gnomes etc. and they vary in size and gender. You will never see your Body Elemental because he/she will never leave your body while you are alive.                                                                      

The Body Elemental has no concept of time and apparently does not possess emotions although I’m not sure of the latter. It lives within your etheric body which is made of numerous energy channels called meridians consisting of many energy centres. The seven major energy centres are called chakras and these are connected to the endocrine glands and process seven main types of consciousness. (The major glands of the endocrine system include the adrenal glands, pineal gland, thyroid gland, ovaries and testes).  

The Body Elemental is responsible for all regulation and functions of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, ensuring the continuation of your physical and emotional well-being, therefore assisting the body to fully function in the physical realm, and is also responsible for the increase of spiritual wisdom by working with Archangel Metatron.

The Body Elemental helped create our very physical body to house the soul and knows the blueprint of our atomic/molecular structure right down to the DNA/RNA cellular level. Additionally, the Body Elemental knows exactly where the trauma and the memories have been stored in our body and therefore knows where the problems are and specific areas in our body which require healing. Before giving a Reiki treatment to myself or a client I also ask the Body Elemental to help with healing too.

When I first connected to Marie, I felt her very powerful energy. Our first conversation was brief and consisted of an introduction and reassurance she was here to help. It wasn’t until later in the day when I started to pour a ritualistic glass of pre-dinner wine that Marie connected with me again to tell me she was putting me on a diet to help me lose weight (I’d been trying for months to lose weight but couldn’t get past a certain point). My first and last mistake was to argue with her. I sensed she thought I was showing disrespect which of course was not the case. And that was the start of our rapport and the beginning of an extraordinary relationship. Marie required much energy to connect with me so it was agreed she’d attract my attention another way – now if I feel slight pressure just below my eyebrow I know it’s her communicating with me, and as she’s in control of my body she’s tweaked my ESP a little so I can ‘hear’ her sufficiently enough to follow her advice. I’m still following a strict regime regarding my diet but it’s great and I’m 9lbs below the weight I could never get past. Marie gives me daily advice on foods to eat and permitted amounts depending on the activities I have planned for the day, to ensure a balanced diet of wholesome food low in fat and sugar. Interestingly enough she’s confirmed a slight gluten intolerance which I suspected although previous blood tests revealed nothing. My fluid intake has increased drastically as Marie is still detoxifying my system. In the first few days of my diet it seemed Marie worked on my abdominal muscles – I could feel the pummelling and pulling regularly. On the rare occasion I haven’t eaten enough to set me up for the day and my blood sugar drops because I’m rushing around, I tell Marie and she adjusts it. 

One of the first things I asked Marie to do was to help repair/heal the Hiatus hernia as I gave myself regular Reiki treatments over a period of about a month. The success of the healing was confirmed when I ate a certain banned food with none of the painful after effects 

I also became aware of healthy foods I should cut down or avoid. An important fact – It seems we all have unique bodies with different dietary requirements and food that is healthy for some may not be good for others.

Marie is helping me to regain a good posture and strengthen my back muscles by reminding me to sit up straight, especially when driving, and to walk tall, tummy in. She knows when I’m feeling stressed or upset and encourages deep breathing and calms me.  She also knows when I’m tired and advises me when to ‘switch off’ and retire to bed.

Marie gives me advice regarding toiletries and recommended a face cream which I bought and it was much more effective and cheaper than my usual brand.

Shopping for food is always enlightening because Marie offers her advice from what to buy or not, to which fruit and vegetables have had the most chemicals sprayed on them.

Marie relieves any aches and pains I tell her about and recently my bout of travel sickness was speedily taken care of.

I encourage you all to connect to your Body Elemental to discover effortless good health. You might have already connected on a subconscious level but unaware of doing so. If you have trouble connecting just persevere and relax, and maybe try meditating to relaxing music and imagine all the work he/she is doing and express your gratitude. It might take a few attempts before you feel a connection but in the meantime you might develop hunches regarding your diet.

To me, Marie is a wise Elder who deserves the utmost respect and gratitude and my responsibility to her is to ensure she always knows how appreciated she is, especially as I haven’t always treated my body well. I feel blessed to have been able to connect with her and still marvel about it all. Marie has proved to be the ultimate friend providing endless inspiration, unconditional advice, care and attention.

I hope you all discover your own Body Elemental. I cannot emphasise how it will change your life for the better. Your Body Elemental knows everything about your body and just what is required to enable it to function so please always listen to the advice he/she gives you, and always say thankyou!

And remember, each one of you has a body which is as unique as a pebble on a beach!


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Introduction by Joanne Rivers


I hope by sharing my own unique experiences and original inspirational teachings offered by guides, angels, archangels, higher beings and also those in the elemental realms, you will be encouraged to tread your own path towards Light and love to ultimately achieve enlightenment. My journey to this point has been extraordinary and it still continues as each day I learn more about the natural order of life on Earth, and of creation, and how everything is intended to be. At this time now it is vital we awaken to our spiritual self and accept with gratitude the information we receive. By doing so we can all help restore the Earth to a natural balance and one which it was intended for – to be a place of learning and healing as we travel from one incarnation to the next so we can take with us the vast and wonderful information we have gathered on the way.

There have been many times when I’ve tried to seek the views of someone else making the same journey to reassure me that everything I experienced along the way was normal. While I received guidance from the higher realms (Guides, Angels), I also felt I needed the perspective from a being in the physical realm which seemed incredibly hard to find. The odd one or two people I did meet were willing to talk about it to a point but were reluctant to share their deeper intuitions and inspirations with me. I read a tremendous amount on the subject, but the definition of a spiritual awakening and enlightenment including what one should experience seemed to differ depending on the author. Of course, now I have undertaken the process myself I can appreciate that everyone’s experiences differ.

Looking back, I had been given many prompts over the years to awaken but did not notice them. It wasn’t until I was in the middle of a long period of illness that I experienced the awakening which led me to the point I am now. It was during this time I began to read about enlightenment and spirituality, to look for answers more than anything. I wanted to know why me? It was an incredibly dark time in my life and I never imagined I’d move into the Light. In a moment of absolute despair, at the point where I felt I could not continue, I asked for help, not from anyone in particular, but I realise now the request went out into the universe, carried by my spirit guide who I was yet to meet. I soon received inspiration and felt prompted to find a Reiki practitioner. I really knew nothing about Reiki until I’d gleaned information off the internet before booking the session. Over a period of several months which entailed regular Reiki treatments, my health improved and eventually I decided to become a practitioner myself. Initially becoming attuned to level 1, and after a year or so, attuned to level 2. I am in no doubt that the energy of  Reiki cured me, and it is definite that Reiki was also the method responsible for my own enlightenment.

There are many of us awakening at this time and indeed the path is well lit. I will leave you with this thought to ponder on from Buddha ‘You cannot travel the path until you have become the path yourself.’


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