Creating a Space for Angels

It’s a glorious sunny morning and as I sit in my garden admiring the roses I feel inspired to tell you how to create a space for angels and guides and offer advice on how to connect with them based on my own experiences and conversations with those in the angelic realm. The roses have prompted me because angels love them! Creating a space is important because both angels and guides are necessary to help you with your journey here on Earth, however the conditions must be right for you to be in their presence. The most vital thing between you is trust, the next is love, which angels appreciate very much, and before I forget, always say ‘Thankyou.’

When I first started connecting with angels I worried that it was the right thing to do. My guide assured me that this was the way it’s meant to be. When Earth was created it was intended by the creators that we should all work with the angels, elementals and also the creators themselves during our stay on this planet.

It’s also quite important to tell you that angels don’t possess wings – they are orbs of light varying in size from 40 cm to a metre long as in archangels. It’s their energy which is of greater importance. Neither do we all have guardian angels but angels are ready to help if we ask them to.

Some of you reading this may have already connected with angels and spiritual guides but I’m very aware that this might be new to many and you are probably feeling quite eager to explore the subject further and experiment. So, before I continue I will give you a brief warning – if you connect with anything which makes you feel uncomfortable then stop at once as it will be a dark energy and although I will discuss this at a later date, I will quickly add that there are many uncontrollable malevolent energies ‘out there’ which do not need encouraging into your space. Not only will they attract further dark energies but they will also be detrimental to your well-being. Which reminds me of a bad experience, a lesson learned you could say. I learnt to dowse with a pendulum and continued safely for a few weeks, developing my relationship with my guide and discovering valuable information along the way. Dowsing using a pendulum is considered to be a ‘dark art’ due to its origins and this is a fact which is difficult to get away from if the dowser is untrained. From the time you pick up a pendulum you only have two minutes before your channel lights up like a beacon attracting anything and everything which is ‘out there’. My guide had a unique ‘sign-in’ so when I picked up the pendulum I knew it was him from the pattern it was forming. We also had a secret code word.  It’s this code word which saved me. One evening, unbeknown to me, a malevolent air elemental (fairy) had wandered into the house and had obviously been observing my guide’s pendulum sign-in so although I thought I was connecting to him, I was actually connecting to the malevolent fairy, who after a few brief conversations, eventually connected me to a very powerful demon whose intention was to fill me with demonic energy. I quickly put the pendulum down, waited ten minutes, picked it up again and thought I’d connected to my guide but when I queried our code word I received the wrong answer. I immediately put the pendulum down and I have never dowsed again. Since this incident angels and guides have developed other ways to communicate with me.

Connecting with angels and guides might not be instant and depends on what point you are at with your own spiritual development so please don’t become downhearted if you’re unable to ‘hear’ or feel  anything – it’s so important to stay positive to keep your vibrations high. It’s taken me a couple of years to develop my abilities and intuition to get to this stage.

Angels are very busy and often have to return ‘home’ to renew their energies. However, sometimes they would rather find a good space on Earth to recharge. Angels/guides need to be asked to step forward (because we were given free will) and are always very pleased to be asked to do so. They are waiting to meet you!

Here are a few easy steps you can initially take to create a suitable atmosphere – Ensure your home is free from clutter and negativity. If this is not possible, have at least one room where you can develop a sacred space. Incense sticks are excellent for clearing negativity. (I use Nag Champa or Divine Hand Rolled Masala). I also use a Himalayan salt lamp to purify the air.

Stop smoking – cigarette smoke is a terrible air polluter, not to mention being detrimental to your health.

Avoid swearing – it lowers your frequencies and creates a dense energy around you, deterring Angels.

Read books which inspire you and encourage your personal spiritual growth, angelic or otherwise, or various quotes/sayings/blessings to help keep your intentions pure and focused.

Avoid distractions such as TV, if you are asking angels/guides to step forward. (A tremendous amount of negative energy comes from TV sets). 

Before asking to meet them it’s quite a good idea to sit quietly – Meditation is an ideal way to free your mind of clutter. My guide recommends music by Deuter to meditate to – I particularly like ‘Nada Himalaya: Music for Meditation as it is very effective.  It might be that sitting quietly is not for you. Meditation can take on many forms – Writing is sometimes my meditation and a good way to de-clutter my mind as I have to focus on one thing only. You might find that a hobby of yours has the same effect. Whatever you decide to do, don’t take it too seriously. Angels take themselves lightly and so should you!


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