It is difficult to imagine a time where religion wasn’t such a dominant fact of life on Earth; a time where rejoicing focused on the rhythms of nature and people gave thanks to Mother Earth for sustaining them. Religion forced the shift from honouring the Earth Mother to worshipping a male god, causing a separation of our beliefs surrounding creation. Different faiths were formed and leaders were appointed, and at some point each head of faith wanted to prove they were more powerful than the others. This only served to enforce a structure of control and fear, with hate being the by-product. As a result religion has been the cause of many conflicts, and indeed it has been proved as a successful way to control the masses. Throughout history people have been persecuted and punished, not only for their religious views but also for their spiritual beliefs because those that are ignorant of other people’s beliefs view them as mysterious and become fearful of them.

Ideally religion and spirituality should be combined but due to the rigid structure which forms the basis of most religions generally the two are divided. Religion and spirituality are separated by the fact that religion centres around a certain belief system and an ideology of a divine consciousness based on rules and rituals to be obeyed. Spirituality is having the freedom to explore concepts which lead you to discover a divine consciousness in your own time without rules.

As is the norm, the persecutors who deem it acceptable to punish others relinquish their responsibility by blaming their god(s) while the people as a whole believe this to be true and yet again religion is called to account. As a result people turn their backs on all that is godly and good, unconvinced that any god or goodness exists at all. It is only mankind who has created divisions under their own direction and say-so and labelled them ‘religion.’ Those who believe that religious wars are part of the divine plan are very much mistaken. And the dictators who spout forth their ‘holy’ reasons in an attempt to excuse their warmongering ways are to blame for the delusion they have created. It is man’s complacency regarding the plight of the planet, and the refusal to not only embrace the reality of oneness but also to understand the need for compassion at this time which is causing alarm among those in the higher realms.

We have been segregated depending on our beliefs and this has resulted in a loss of unity. Not only with our fellow man but with our planet as a whole. Deep divisions have caused massive rifts, manifesting much damage to both. Only man is to blame for this and the havoc and destruction which always follow.

We have become entangled in a massive web of deception spun only by mankind. There is no one else to blame. The deceit centres on the fact that religion is an excuse for war and suffering on unprecedented scales. Those in higher realms and dimensions acknowledge there has been an incredible amount of good born from the different concepts surrounding religion, including representatives who work selflessly and honestly with love in their hearts for their fellow man and they are grateful. However, throughout history there have been those who have abused their position of trust and used their authority in such a way to threaten, control and punish the population for personal gain, and when religion is used as a weapon it is the associated god who the population sees as their enemy.

Let us go back to a time before religion, when the Earth constituted a place of healing, where Light and love predominantly existed and the ‘source’ of all life was the only religion as such. Mother Earth entrusted her care to the people and she shared her secrets surrounding the creation of life itself to ensure her well-being. As a result Mother Earth came to epitomise the sacred feminine energy which women were revered for, as it was known they held the wisdom necessary for her survival. Over the centuries this notion has become lost as the over-riding theory that masculine energy is solely responsible for creation, particularly within Christianity where it is believed God is a man. This is despite history literature being dotted with names of priestesses and goddesses who were worshipped within their own society. Incredibly many of these female deities formed and influenced belief systems with origins which can be traced back to the diverse range of indigenous people who inhabited Earth long before Christianity developed its stronghold. Whether Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal or other, these women who all shared the same ancient wisdom and knowledge, and their connections to Mother Earth and nature and were bound together. The most powerful religious rulers were men and as Christianity took hold these deities were suppressed along with their sacred knowing. After all, how could they fit into the notion which believed in the existence of only one god? To spurn them further they were portrayed as mythical beings, their teachings viewed as mythology and their divine feminine energy cast aside in favour of male dominated systems which gave birth to other religions we are familiar with today. The subsequent separation from Mother Earth caused by this shift in focus resulted in a spiritual wrench between the planet and mankind, and the realisation that we are one with Mother Earth and all of creation has been lost along the way.

If we lose our faith in the goodness we are surrounded by our desire to show compassion is easily extinguished.


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