The Ego

Our ego acts as a barrier between our perceptions of true self and the self-centred ideals shaped by the ego through various concepts and beliefs it created in the first place.

Our ego is influenced by negative energies* which constantly pound our brains, having absorbed them through sight or sound as they exude through the air via all forms of media and as we go about our daily business. These energies produce such negativity within us that over time they are capable of destroying the very fabric of our being and create feelings of submissiveness designed to move us further away from the light, convincing us to focus on materialism and other emblems of the ego, allowing it (the ego) to control us to such a point where our true self becomes lost as does our purpose in life. To gain back some control we become selfish, focusing only on our needs, unable to see the effects of our actions on those around us. Through this behaviour we influence others and in doing so it is quite possible to extinguish any glimmer of light flickering within as it is smothered by the ego. Many of us hide behind our ego and are afraid of letting go of it because we believe it is a true representation of ourselves.  This declaration of personal power which we enjoy presenting to the world in the form of our ego is nothing more than an illusion designed to throw us from one quandary to the next in order to create a need within us to maintain an equilibrium which we believe only the ego can satisfy. Where in reality, it is only when we lose our ego that we return to a natural state of being where a status quo between mind and body can be achieved.

Be mindful of your ego and learn to control it by denying it the sustenance which causes it to become over-inflated.


*Negative energies were previously discussed in detail in on 12th August 2015.

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