Tuning In

When writing my articles I try to reassure you that spirituality is accessible to everyone by attempting to remove the mysticism which often surrounds it. By doing so I hope you become inspired and encouraged to explore your own spirituality and discover what life should really about here on Earth. By keeping things simple I believe the information is clearer, which is why I often advise that you carry out your own research regarding the definitions of terminologies or expressions mentioned in my articles. Hopefully this will also encourage you to experiment and develop your own ideas.

Some of you reading my articles may be surprised by the information contained within them. However I’m sure many of you can relate to the insights and experiences I’m sharing with you, and if you’ve read the first article titled ‘Introduction’ you’ll no doubt understand my intentions.

I am a ‘channel’ for those in the spiritual and other realms who are keen to impart their knowledge in order to assist us all to become spiritually enlightened on Earth. I’m not an expert on any matters I discuss in my articles and apart from my personal experiences all the information I share with you is channelled and as told to me by angels/guides. The reasons why this is necessary at this time is discussed in previous articles.

In case you’re wondering, I will explain how it works but bear in mind everyone has different experiences. I receive inspiration regarding a particular subject from my guides/angels at a time they deem appropriate, and this is what prompts me to sit and write. Sometimes I have an idea and they give me the information which they know my experience can support, or they decide on the subject of the next article, knowing I will be able to present the information accurately and truthfully. (This can be summed up as possessing ‘spiritual discernment’ of which there is a vast amount of information available on the internet about. To me it just means I have the ability to distinguish the truth in all I am being told).

I should add that I am not a medium and I do not contact spirits of those who have passed on – this is referred to as mediumship rather than channelling

I have heard many times that people with extrasensory perceptions (ESP) are gifted. This is not the case as we can all develop the ability to connect with those in other realms, and also our Higher Self. ESP is also known as the sixth sense. The internet is overloaded with information so I advise you carry out your own research regarding this.

If any of you have experience of channelling you will appreciate the energy required on my part to make it happen. Needless to say I’ve received guidance and support regarding how to raise my vibrations to be able to tune into the same frequency as guides/angels in order to communicate with them. I can liken it to tuning a radio in when you’re trying to find your favourite radio station. 

Channelling is an extremely humbling experience. When I channel, the love I feel from those I am communicating with is amazing, and they receive much love and gratitude in return.

Ideally I’d like to spend most of my time writing but it’s just not possible due to other factors which revolve around living on the physical plane, including having to fulfil other commitments, and this is acknowledged by my guides and angels too.

I hope also this goes some way to explain why my articles are sometimes few and far between!

 Always have faith and trust what you know to be true in your heart and soul.                                                             



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