Negative Energy

Summertime is when Mother Nature reveals her true beauty. As I ventured out on a morning’s walk and admired the picture postcard views of the tranquil countryside basking in the glorious summer sun, with the wonderful greeny hues of the ancient oak trees set against the background of the golden cornfields, I found it hard to imagine we are surrounded by anything other than positive and good energies.

When we are feeling happy and content we are not always aware of the good energies contributing to our sense of well-being. On the other hand we are soon able to recognise energies around us which make us feel uncomfortable and most times perceive these as being dark or negative. There might be certain people or places we avoid because of this very reason. We trust our instincts nine times out of ten. On the odd occasion we don’t, we end up telling ourselves we should have known better!

However, because we are all exposed to negative influences in various guises we become unaware of just how many negative energies we absorb. For example, we all know the news is filled with depressing stories accompanied by a great deal of negativity. This is done deliberately and designed to create feelings of disempowerment within us, followed by fear. As we continue to be fearful we feel even more helpless and in an attempt to comprehend the dreadful things we have seen or heard we dwell on them. By doing so we are giving the energy which is needed to fuel these negative situations and equally to those committing atrocities, thereby perpetuating both. It’s easy to be drawn into ‘doom and gloom’ stories but these only serve as ‘energy vampires’ and deplete our own energies in the way some individuals do. At the same time this flurry of negative thoughts and emotions into our consciousnesses causes our vibrations to lower, drawing us away from the Light. And, as discussed in previous blogs, it’s pretty vital to raise your vibrations if you want to move into the light and become enlightened. With this in mind, those that haven’t yet done so or don’t want to move into the Light will continue to be stuck in the cycle mentioned above and subconsciously they will be making an effort to ensure that others are too.

Unfortunately children seem to be exposed to just as many, if not more, negative influences/energies on the TV. I was horrified to see on a particular children’s channel while watching a programme with my young granddaughter, a cartoon clearly depicting the devil breathing out fire to destroy ponies whose spell they’d used to protect themselves had not been powerful enough. In an attempt to find something else to watch I flicked through the appropriate channels only to find most of the cartoons involved the characters either being enchanted, using magic or casting spells to create disharmony and jealousy amongst their ‘friends’, all cleverly disguised as being fun.

My impression is that as their little minds are exposed to these influences and behaviours they become conditioned. From the conversations I’ve had with my older granddaughter, displaying a certain amount of nastiness in the playground and even to their friends and peers is the norm and a ‘must do’, and because they’ve learnt this behaviour by watching characters on various TV programmes it’s acceptable.

It takes a great deal of effort to change our thought patterns and convert negative thoughts into positive ones. It requires us to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions, including what we say to people. Negative words (thoughts and actions) lowers the recipient’s energy vibrations and causes dents in their energy fields/auric layers which can lead to imperfections/tears/holes thus making them susceptible to having other negative and dark energies attach to them. Also, switching off from other people’s dramas is a must, no matter how compelled we feel to find out what will happen next.

If you feel it necessary to watch the news, perhaps next time you see a particular item which makes you feel sad or upset, send Light and love to the situation with good intent (rather than individuals) and trust that you have helped to heal it and those involved. Obviously this way of thinking can be applied to anything you see or hear in your daily life.

Try not watching the news (or anything else on TV with depressing scenes/story lines) for a week and see how much lighter you feel as your vibrations start to rise as a result of switching off, quite literally.

The other important aspect to consider too is the detrimental effect negative energies have on our health. More and more people seem to be embracing the ideology of alternative therapies (whether or not they believe in them). There seems to be an acceptance by many that ill health is caused by various energetic blockages in the body manifesting into the physical symptoms we present doctors and clinicians with. This is a fascinating subject and one which is very important to me and I look forward to discussing it in greater detail later.

Throughout the process of enlightenment I have become very aware of negative and dark energies and the extent of the damage they cause. I have discovered the impact they had on my life, both physically and spiritually, prior to becoming enlightened, and I have learnt the importance of steering clear of them now, wherever or whoever they may be lurking in. As my ‘light’ has become brighter and my vibrations have risen, I randomly attract people who have lower vibrations. These individuals either want my energy or subconsciously wish me enough harm to extinguish my light. As it’s not possible to hide away and live like a hermit I use Reiki to protect both my energies and physical being. Crystals can also be used for protection. Find a crystal you feel drawn to then ask for it to protect you and your home from whatever you feel is necessary.

Negative energies create dark energies. These are manifested to prevent the Light and to ultimately keep our world in permanent darkness and thereby destroying all that is good.


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