Your Connections with Angels and Guides

When you feel a connection with an angel or spirit guide expect to experience a warm sensation of pure love around you and possibly within. One that makes you feel safe and at peace.  You might not notice straight away if you’ve either connected or are in the presence of angels/guides or it could take more than one attempt but over time you will recognise the sensations you experience at each attempt, as a connection. Talk to them; tell them what’s in your heart and on your mind without the ego or ‘self’. Be mindful too that trust has to work both ways and your space is just as sacred as theirs.

While you continue to create a space for angels/guides to encourage them into your life, you will notice gradual changes in yourself which indicate you are receiving guidance to help you along the way and to progress your spirituality. These changes will benefit both you and angels and guides and creates a cycle – the more guidance you receive, the more you are encouraged to connect with them, and the more you do this, the more encouragement you will receive. You might find you have a need to regularly de-clutter your house and wardrobe ad even change your lifestyle and diet.  You will start to enjoy your own company more and the desire to be needed by family and friends will lessen. You will see life from a new perspective as the material world becomes less important you will understand the order of things above and below. Your intuition (gut feeling) is heightened. You could experience a desire to be creative. You worry less and you’re able to put aside disagreements or problems with family/friends like ‘water off a duck’s back.’ I completely went off red meat last year and stopped eating it. I have recently stopped eating chicken. (All meat contains the energy of the animal during its lifetime including its fear at time of slaughter. It’s a dense energy which is absorbed into our body when we eat the meat).

As I mentioned yesterday it’s important to keep your vibrations high. This is because as your energy becomes lighter it’s easier for angels/guides to tune into your frequency and connect. It’s worth remembering too that if you’re having trouble connecting then try raising your vibrations. My connections have improved significantly because I’ve heeded the advice of my guide and my body elemental relating to diet and lifestyle. You will probably discover the ability to ‘channel’ thoughts from angels/guides. These can be quite random and happen anywhere! I would strongly advise you to write them down as soon as possible before you forget them as they come and go quite quickly – a good indication of ‘channelling.’ You will find that angels/guides find ways to get your attention. You will just know when it’s right because this is an instinct you will develop or you can suggest ways yourself to them. I experience a fluttering sensation on my eye lashes when my guide connects but more amazingly, angels and guides communicate with me through songs and it would seem this is quite common now. By listening to the words you will know what they are trying to tell you.

As you develop your intuition you will start to feel a sense of oneness with the world and will eventually be able to dance to its rhythm as you gather insights and inspirations, allowing you to experience a knowing of all that is meant to be. You will understand the synchronicity of everything you’ve ever experienced in this life and appreciate the meaning of the saying ‘for the higher good.’ There will be times though when you doubt your abilities and also question your own sanity! I often have to check myself when I’m out and about as I realise I’m talking out loud to my spirit guide. Also, it’s quite normal in the early days to want to step away from it all for a while. I remember feeling quite disillusioned at one point when I seemed to be lacking progress and could make no sense of it all so I decided to take a couple of months away from all that was spiritual in an attempt to test everything, to prove if it was true or not I suppose. This actually did me the power of good because looking back I was suffering from information overload and disillusionment was borne out of confusion and once my mind had processed all the information I’d taken in I was able to embrace the subject on a higher level. It was as if a metamorphosis had to occur during a period of quiet before my true spiritual self could emerge. I was reminded of this recently when I visited a butterfly house and silently likened myself to one, having gone through many stages to finally be free and happy. During times of doubt remember this We are not human beings having a spiritual experience……we are spiritual beings having a human experience.’


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